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Baha Ahmad's picture

Contract type in 5.4

, posted

We have added a ‘Contract type’ field in the card of the Contract. Based on what is entered there, the card is being dynamically built (thanks to the support help). But now, we can’t edit the type after the Contract was created and Saved, and sometimes that is necessary. What and where should ...

Olly Khome · Yes, Baha, that's correct. The data from the hidden fields remains in the Data Base and can be viewed in the list of records, ...»
Olly Khome
Baha Ahmad · Thank you, Olly. But will the Data from the hidden fields remain in the Data Base? For example, if I won't see those fields in the ...»
Baha Ahmad
Olly Khome · Hi Baha, You should understand that there are risks to lose data from the card that is already entered into the fields that ...»
Olly Khome
Olly Khome's picture

Filtering of one field by another in 5.4

, posted

To configure filtering of one field by another you should add filtration code into script-task after Init event in card page.

Example for filtering Contacts by selected Account:

Open Tools - Configuration section, open Card Page – ...

Ryan Kosinski's picture

Project status

, posted


When I'm creating project its status is "planned" by default. I would like to change that.

Olly Khome · Hello Ryan! You will need to go to advanced settings->system settings->values by default. There you can find "Project ...»
Olly Khome
Tony Conklin's picture

Activity color

, posted

Hi guys!

Activities in the schedule are displayed in different colors. I would like to change the color of a completed activity. Is there a way to do that?

Nick Carter · Hello Tony! In order to do that you will need to go to the advanced settings->system ...»
Nick Carter
Kevin Ortiz's picture

Data import

, posted

Hello, I would like to import data. How is the uniqueness of this data checked? What fields does it include?

Kate Skry · Hi Kevin! In the import set up window there is a field where you can put in necessary fields for duplicates ...»
Kate Skry
Joseph Brandt's picture

Column settings

, posted


Is there a way to set up a column in Account section that would show the sum of all invoices attached to this account?

Nick Carter · Hello Joseph! In order to do that you need to go to the column settings ...»
Nick Carter