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indar wiguna's picture

Managing Loyalty Program

, posted

in the product presentation(BPM Online Marketing) it is mantioned there is loyalty / reward program management

kindly advise how to manage program in the system

indar wiguna · Hai Olly     In presentation BPM online 7. 4 appeared slide like ...»
indar wiguna
Olly Khome · Hi Indar, Can you be more specific about the version of the product you are talking about and provide me with a link to the ...»
Olly Khome
indar wiguna · ....
indar wiguna
Mark Ugbomah's picture

How to dynamically show/hide the Page elements (textbox, checkbox, etc.) based on a selected value from Lookup in 7.4?

, posted

I can't figure out how to show/hide the Page elements (textbox, chechbox, etc.) on a Tab based on a selected value from a Lookup on the Page. Can someone help me with this?

Alex Vedmid · Hi Mark, you can implement this logic using business rules (simple cases) or just binding field "visible" property to some method or ...»
Alex Vedmid
Doni's picture

customize sql

, posted

Hi,, All

I have a problem, please help me

how to customize select in sql for data in contacts ?

for example, i want to display data in contacts in accordance with the owner when he logged



Olly Khome · Hi Doni, I’m not sure what you meant, but I’ll try to respond to what I understood:
  1. If you meant that you ...»
Olly Khome
Julia Karnaukh's picture

We need your voice!

, posted

Bpm’online sales has been shortlisted among the finalists in the CRM Product of the Year category of 2015 Network Computing Awards! This brings us to the round of voting for the winners. We need your voice! Please vote for bpm'online sales in the CRM Product of the Year category. Your ...