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Brian Ray's picture

Repeated activity in the process

, posted

Some activities in the business process should be repeated at certain time. This is what I do in the script:

Nick Carter · Hello Brian! Try to create parameter StartIn. In the desired activity set the parameter value ...»
Nick Carter
Harry Rice's picture

Details order

, posted

Hi team!

How do I change the details order in the section?

Nick Carter · Hello Harry! In order to do that you need to go to the section wizard first. And then do what you see on the image ...»
Nick Carter
Richard Wilson's picture

Email notifications about the tasks

, posted

Good day,

Our managers would like to be notified about requests with high priority via email when they are on the business trips, so that we can be notified with the basic parameters of the task.

Do you have any idea on the possible implementation?

Olly Khome · Richard, it seems to me that the simpliest and most effective way will be to create a business process with two starting ...»
Olly Khome
Baha Ahmad's picture

Invoice report

, posted

How can I add my company logo into Invoice report in bpm’online CRM?

Olly Khome · In order to add a logo into Invoice report you need to:
  1. Get the DevExpress Report Designer from support ...»
Olly Khome
Olly Khome · Hi, Are you using the standard report that is being downloaded in .pdf format? Or it is some custom report?
Olly Khome
Baha Ahmad · Hi Olly, I am using the standard report.
Baha Ahmad