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Doni's picture

customize sql

, posted

Hi,, All

I have a problem, please help me

how to customize select in sql for data in contacts ?

for example, i want to display data in contacts in accordance with the owner when he logged



Olly Khome · Hi Doni, I’m not sure what you meant, but I’ll try to respond to what I understood:
  1. If you meant that you ...»
Olly Khome
Julia Karnaukh's picture

We need your voice!

, posted

Bpm’online sales has been shortlisted among the finalists in the CRM Product of the Year category of 2015 Network Computing Awards! This brings us to the round of voting for the winners. We need your voice! Please vote for bpm'online sales in the CRM Product of the Year category. Your ...

Olly Khome's picture

Changing the color scheme in bpm’online 7.4

, posted

This article describes an example of how you can quickly and easily change the css-styles bpm'online. For example, we need to change the color of the left panel which contains Sections list.
Most css-styles in bpm'online 7.3 and higher versions are kept in a separate module - ...

Maciej Sitarski's picture

Trouble editting processes

, posted

I'm trying edit built-in process "Add Opportunity Based On Lead". When I trying save i recived massage "Unable to save changes for item "CreateOpportunityFromLead". It is either created by third-party publisher or installed from the file archive". What i should do to edit process?

Olly Khome · Hi Maciej, You need to copy the process first and then perform necessary changes. In order to use the updated process when ...»
Olly Khome
Olly Khome · Hi Maciej, My colleagues are already in touch with you in regards of this case, they will contact you again soon.
Olly Khome
Maciej Sitarski · I did it  and it does not work....»
Maciej Sitarski
Robert Banta's picture

Trouble deleting object

, posted

I am trying to remove a custom field from the accounts page in our CRM.  I deleted the container from the page designer, but it will not allow me to delete the object from the object designer (the 'delete' button is grayed out).  The object (a drop-down list) is still showing up on ...

Olly Khome · Hi Robert, We have registered support ticket in order to help you remotely with the error you've faced. My colleague will ...»
Olly Khome
Robert Banta · Thanks for the response Olly, I am going to try clearing the profile to see if that helps at all.  I will coordinate ...»
Robert Banta
Robert Banta · Also, If I clear all of the profile data for my user by selecting 'clear all' (through the configuration/profile section), will it ...»
Robert Banta