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Vicky Fields's picture

Social networks integration

, posted

Do you plan to develop a full BPMOnline 7.x integration with FaceBook (and LinkedIn too)? That is, the ability to fill the card data from social networks (and photo- this is the usual service in many applications), but it would be interesting to have possibility to get leads of the users that ...

Kate Skry · Hi Vicky, Yes, this functionality is planned to be developed in the 'bpm'online marketing' product. Functionality will be ...»
Kate Skry
Baha Ahmad's picture

How to change global search in 5.4

, posted

Can bpm global search be tailored for next tasks?:

1. Inclusive search, not by exact column value.

2. Search to be perfomed in 2 Sections at the same time, let's say Accounts and Contacts.

Baha Ahmad · Thanks, Olly.
Baha Ahmad
Olly Khome · Hi Baha,  For the inclusive search please use the % sign when entering data - ...»
Olly Khome
Matthew Riley's picture


, posted

Hi guys!

I know there is a new feature in bpm'online 7.3 - integration with microsoft exchange. How do I set it up?

Nick Carter · Hello Matthew! In order to set it up you ned to go to advanced settings and click ...»
Nick Carter
Malcolm Gauthier's picture

Audit log

, posted

I've noticed there is a new feature "Audit log". How does it work?

Suman Pitta · To monitor operations connected with changing and using access rights in the system, the system operation audit log is used. The ...»
Suman Pitta
Pieter Siegers's picture

Invoice template modification

, posted

Please advise, how do I modify the template document for invoicing? Thank you.

Pieter Siegers · Hi Olly, Thanks for the information. I will try it first.   
Pieter Siegers
Olly Khome · Hi Pieter, There are 2 possible options for that: 1) If you'd like to have a simple Printable that will be ...»
Olly Khome
Tony Conklin's picture

problems with the section wizard

, posted

Hi, if I'm trying to open section wizard in any section it says "insufficient access rights to edit a section in the current package". I have administrator rights. What can be the problem?

Kate Skry · Hello Tony! This error message has nothing to do with the administrator rights. You need to go the system settings and ...»
Kate Skry
Leah Martin's picture

Owners don't see accounts

, posted


Why don't the owners of the accounts see these accounts? I was under impression that they automatically receive rights to see/edit the records.

Nick Carter · Hello Leah! Not exactly, this rule works for Tasks. If you want the owners of the account to automatically receive full ...»
Nick Carter