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Kevin Ortiz's picture

Generating a signal

, posted

Greetings! I need to build a business process that starts after opening a lead if the import field = true. As I understand BP should start with the signal. My question is how do I generate this signal in the Lead page. Should I generate it on PageLoadComplete?

Suman Pitta · You can get the BP from the code the following way: var ...»
Suman Pitta
Vicky Fields's picture

Social networks integration

, posted

Do you plan to develop a full BPMOnline 7.x integration with FaceBook (and LinkedIn too)? That is, the ability to fill the card data from social networks (and photo- this is the usual service in many applications), but it would be interesting to have possibility to get leads of the users that ...

Kate Skry · Hi Vicky, Yes, this functionality is planned to be developed in the 'bpm'online marketing' product. Functionality will be ...»
Kate Skry
Baha Ahmad's picture

How to change global search in 5.4

, posted

Can bpm global search be tailored for next tasks?:

1. Inclusive search, not by exact column value.

2. Search to be perfomed in 2 Sections at the same time, let's say Accounts and Contacts.

Baha Ahmad · Thanks, Olly.
Baha Ahmad
Olly Khome · Hi Baha,  For the inclusive search please use the % sign when entering data - ...»
Olly Khome
Matthew Riley's picture


, posted

Hi guys!

I know there is a new feature in bpm'online 7.3 - integration with microsoft exchange. How do I set it up?

Nick Carter · Hello Matthew! In order to set it up you ned to go to advanced settings and click ...»
Nick Carter
Jake Walters's picture

System administrators

, posted

I deleted System Administrators role. Is there way to restore it? Thanks!

Nick Carter · Hi Jake! Here's a script that will restore system administrators ...»
Nick Carter
Malcolm Gauthier's picture

Audit log

, posted

I've noticed there is a new feature "Audit log". How does it work?

Suman Pitta · To monitor operations connected with changing and using access rights in the system, the system operation audit log is used. The ...»
Suman Pitta