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Wow !! Congratulations to the BPMonline team !!

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Not only did the BPMonline CRM software score 6th out of 162 submissions on the 2014 CRM Watchlist (http://zd.net/1m3ec3o), but it ranked above 26 of the best of the best in the Watchlist Elite category which only includes 32 companies and is described as a category for companies who just nailed it !!

Thanks for putting together such great software and for the dedication to improving what is already amazing!


Comments (5)

Kate Skry
Kate Skry ·

Many thanks, Andres! Great news! We are together - BPMonline, Our Partners, Customers - are the part of this success. Thank you for making it happen!

Andrey_Dovgan ·

Andres - Thanks. It is really great achievement and I hope it helps to market our solution even better.

Suman Pitta
Suman Pitta ·

@Andres: powerful BPM engine, coupled with cool-looking, customizable CRM. Now on Watchlist for the 4th year running. That's your sales pitch Partner.

Andres E. Marquez
Andres E. Marquez ·

We'll definitely be promoting it to all our potential clients. Unfortunately, he changed the categories a few hours after posting and only took the top 5 as an 'elite' category. Either way, four years running, that's awesome !!

John R Alwi
John R Alwi ·

Way to go BPMOnline...congratz..