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Partner technical trainings

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Dear Partner

Thank you for attending the 2-day developer training on 16 & 17 January. For your convenience we have published the training videos - both Day 1 and Day 2 – on the Partner Portal. Simply follow BPM’online Community>Partners>Agreements>BPMonline Customization Development Day 1 and Day 2.

Highly appreciate your personal feedback on the sessions.


Comments (4)

Suman Pitta
Suman Pitta ·

@Partners, as announced during last week's, we'll have the 2nd set of Technical Trainings this Thursday 23rd & Friday 24th. Check and respond to email invites.

John R Alwi
John R Alwi ·

Thanks Suman...

Suman Pitta
Suman Pitta ·

@Partners, the training videos for Day3 & Day4 are available at the same path as in the main post. Awaiting your feedback on the 4 trainings, so we can plan the future sessions. So please please please email me

Kate Skry
Kate Skry ·

@Suman Thanks! @Partners Dear Partners, your feedback would be much appreciated and you help us improve! Thanks in advance!