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We have licenses that we are not using in 5.4. Andrey requested that we reach out to you here on the community to get some of them transferred to our own implementation of 7.x. We don't want all of them, as we still want to go in and see the 5.4 version occassionally. If you could transfer all but the supervisor license and one regular user license over that would work. Also a few questions:

1. Can we convert/trade in some of the licenses for mobile access to the other licenses. I think being able to show the mobile app to our potential clients would be extrememly strong.

2. We would like to break down the remaining licenses into 2 or 3 seperate implementations. We'll be customizing one for demonstrations to the insurance industry and the others for more general demonstrations.

While you seek the answers to this question if you could set us up with at least 2 licenses (one having full supervisor permissions) on our own implementation (that is not CRM-demo28xx) that would be greatly appreciated. We will be at an event with many potential clients, some of them quite large, tomorrow. Thank you for your time Suman.



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Malcolm Gauthier
Malcolm Gauthier ·

@Andres, do you have Suman's email

Suman Pitta
Suman Pitta ·

@Malcolm, thanks for the suggestion, I will reach out to Andres. @Andres, will be in touch, pls see your Inbox. Hope you will make it to the trainings..

Andres E. Marquez
Andres E. Marquez ·

I do @Malcolm, @Suman, thank you for the e-mail, I'll be looking for your update.

Malcolm Gauthier
Malcolm Gauthier ·

@Andres, great. It was just a thought to email Suman direct. Anyway he is in touch with you already

Suman Pitta
Suman Pitta ·

Gents I see you are passionate about this. All is cool, I have emailed Andres