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Using Separate Databases for Dev/Test/Prod

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As a new BPMonline partner I am sending this question out to other BPMonline partners to see if you have experienced this issue and determined a solution.

We installed BPMonline 7.x using the recommended Workspaces and determined the database is the same for Dev/Test/Prod, so in your installation of BPMonline 7.x do you use one database or have you determined how to partition separate instances and separate databases for Dev/Test/Prod?

Thanks, Mike


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Serge Karlo
Serge Karlo ·

There’re two answers to this questions (depending on deployment that you choose):

If it’s on-demand Dev/Test/Prod are in one database, but the Workspace mechanism is used to separate environments. This method solves the problem in most cases, but not in all cases. Problems may occur when changing the database structure.

If it’s on-site then all three environments have to be stored in 3 separate databases. Merging the changes between them should be done via SVN or using WorkspaceConsole.exe. In this case, all issues are resolved 100%.

In case you have more questions, please feel free to ask