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Business Card Scanning

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One of the things I hear about the most, either in complaint of existing CRM's or as something people don't want to have to do (when they are considering a CRM), is the data entry. I think that having an automated way to input new contacts would be powerful and would further differentiate BPMonline from other CRM vendors. What do you guys think about integrating with a Business Card Scanning app? That way sales team members could scan business card information directly into their CRM:



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Andrey_Dovgan ·

Lots of different Apps are available and usually there is no issue to integrate them with BPMonline. In one project we've done integration with ABBYY Business Card scanner...

Joseph Brandt
Joseph Brandt ·

Typically card scanners are used mostly by mobile devices. But for scanning at an enterprise level is only required in specific business operations. And if the BPM team have already done such a thing with ABBY, then it's green light..

Andres E. Marquez
Andres E. Marquez ·

It is true what you say Joseph, that they are used mostly by mobile devices. However there are many enterprise business models that involve a large-scale mobile sales team. For example, insurance carriers enlist marketing reps that spend a lot of their time on the go. Luckily, BPMonline has a mobile app. Andy, that's great news, thanks for the response.