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ABC's of Balanced Business Growth

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We created this white paper at Hot Lead Key to help our customers, the BPMOnline Community and our other strategic partners with thought provoking suggestions. I hope these lead development strategies help you or at least give you ideas that will.

ABCs_of_balanced_business_growth_white_paper.pdf907.74 KB

Comments (6)

Kevin Ortiz
Kevin Ortiz ·

@Lyle, yes, prioritizing and execution-by-discipline is worth a shot by everybody..

Tony Conklin
Tony Conklin ·

@Lyle, I cannot see any whitepaper here...Could you point me in the right direction

Andres E. Marquez
Andres E. Marquez ·

This should be the file:

Andres E. Marquez
Andres E. Marquez ·

The upload didn't work. BPMonline team, is there a different way that we can post this. Alternatively, Lyle, we can post it on the HLK website or on the company LinkedIn page and link to it from here.

Suman Pitta
Suman Pitta ·

at the request of the author, the Whitepaper is attached to the main post. @Andres, when adding a file, choose "File attachment". It worked just fine

John Lyle Sheppard
John Lyle Sheppard ·

Suman, Thanks for the assistance!