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Email template

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I would like to create mass mail in BPMonline 7.1. But how do I create a template for mass email?

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Nick Carter
Nick Carter ·

In order to promptly create mass mail in BPMonline СRM, you need to set up message templates at first. These templates will be further used to create the text of the mass mail. You can set up templates in the [Lookups] service section of the system which can be accessed via the SETTINGS link in the navigation menu.

To create a template:
1. In the system navigation menu, go to BPMonline СRM SETTINGS. An additional tab will open.

In this tab open the LOOKUPS service section. Select the [Email Templates] lookup from the list, and click [Open]

In the opened lookup, click the [Add] button, fill out the email template page in the following manner:

a. Enter the name and subject of the mass mail.
b. Create the message template using macros

Click the [OK] button to save the email template.