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PC requirements

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What are the client PC requirements for BPMonline? Also is there need to install any additional software?

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Nick Carter
Nick Carter ·

Hello Vicky!

BPMonline does not require local installation on a user PC.

Connection Channel
The recommended requirement for data channel for client-server connection is 512 Kbps per one user.

Operating System
Microsoft Windows:
• Windows XP Service Pack 3;
• Windows Vista;
• Windows 7;
• Windows 8.
Mac OS:
• Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard;
• OS X 10.7 Lion;
• OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion.

Additional Software
One of the following Internet browsers must be installed on the client computer:
• Internet Explorer, starting with version 8 (version 10 or higher is recommended);
• Firefox, the latest official version;
• Chrome, the latest official version;
• Safari, the latest official version.
For correct operation of some functional modules of BPMonline, you have to install Silverlight 4.0 (or higher) browser plugin on each user computer. The browser used to access BPMonline has to support Silverlight.