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Invoice template modification

, posted

Please advise, how do I modify the template document for invoicing? Thank you.

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Olly Khome
Olly Khome ·

Hi Pieter,

There are 2 possible options for that:

1) If you'd like to have a simple Printable that will be generating the .doc or .pdf document for you with information on the selected Invoice, that I would recommend you to use our Word Report Designer capabilities. This option is easy to use and allows you to set the design of your report using standard MS Word functionality. 

2) If you need to have actual report with some logics in-built, or modify the existing report, then you would need to use DevExpress Report Designer. This option allows you to involve as much logics for the report as you want, but you should be a programmer to use this option.

For both of these variants you will need the add-on that is provided by our support team by request with the version of your system specified.

More infrmation can be found in our Customization Guide.

Good Luck!

Pieter Siegers
Pieter Siegers ·

Hi Olly,

Thanks for the information. I will try it first.