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Hi guys!

I know there is a new feature in bpm'online 7.3 - integration with microsoft exchange. How do I set it up?


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Nick Carter
Nick Carter ·

Hello Matthew!

In order to set it up you ned to go to advanced settings and click on  button. Then you need to select "setup list of email providers" and add a new provider "microsoft exchange".

In the opened card enter the email provider name, for example, “Exchange”. Select the [Autodetect] checkbox to make the system able to independently detect the needed server and connect to it.

If the system doesn't detect the server, specify its address manually: clear the [Autodetect] checkbox. As a result, the [Server Address] field will become available and required. In the [Server Address] field, enter the Microsoft Exchange Server address. Select the [Allow Downloading Emails] checkbox. Select the [Allow Sending Emails] checkbox. Save the card.

As a result, the system users will be able to use Microsoft Exchange Server to receive and send email messages, as well as to synchronize contacts and activities between this server and BPMonline CRM.