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How to change global search in 5.4

, posted

Can bpm global search be tailored for next tasks?:

1. Inclusive search, not by exact column value.

2. Search to be perfomed in 2 Sections at the same time, let's say Accounts and Contacts.

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Olly Khome
Olly Khome ·

Hi Baha, 

For the inclusive search please use the % sign when entering data - %what-has-to-be-searched-for%.

In regards to search across multiple sections, there are many nuances, for example, what would happen if the desired record is not found in any section? 

Search logics is designed in the ScriptBasePrepareFiltersExecute method of the BaseModulePage process. 

You can modify it the way you need.

Baha Ahmad
Baha Ahmad ·

Thanks, Olly.