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Invoice report

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How can I add my company logo into Invoice report in bpm’online CRM?

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Olly Khome
Olly Khome ·


Are you using the standard report that is being downloaded in .pdf format? Or it is some custom report?

Baha Ahmad
Baha Ahmad ·

Hi Olly, I am using the standard report.

Olly Khome
Olly Khome ·

In order to add a logo into Invoice report you need to:

  1. Get the DevExpress Report Designer from support team;
  2. 1Run the report designer;
  3. In the login window, enter your login and password, specify the connection parameters;
  4. Click the [Open] button on the [Report] toolbar:

  1. In the [Open Report from Server] window, select the needed report and click the [OK] button:

  1. Select the [Picture Box] item in the [Items] window:

  1. Place the item on the working area and specify its size and position if necessary:
  2. Click the button in the [Image] field of the [Picture Box] item properties (the [Data] properties group) and select the needed file:

  1. In the [Sizing] field of the image properties (the [Behaviour] properties group), specify the needed sizing mode. For example, specify the “Auto-Size” mode to display the full-size image:

  1. Publish the report.