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Email notifications about the tasks

, posted

Good day,

Our managers would like to be notified about requests with high priority via email when they are on the business trips, so that we can be notified with the basic parameters of the task.

Do you have any idea on the possible implementation?

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Olly Khome
Olly Khome ·

Richard, it seems to me that the simpliest and most effective way will be to create a business process with two starting signals:

1. When activity with high priority is being created.

2. When activity is being edited with the priority being changed to critical.

After that, you will need 2 ‘Read Data’ elements for the owner and activity itself.

Then prepare the body of the message you can use formula element or a script-task in which you will place the basic parameters of the task. At the end of the process you can place an element for automatic E-Mail sending.