Five Questions for BPMonline

We walk in the same shoes with our partners so we know the questions that companies ask before starting a partnership:

  • How does our partnership guarantee success?
  • What kind of support will I get?
  • Will cooperation encounter bureaucratic hurdles?
  • Will our collaboration be clear?
  • What heights can I achieve and how fast?

High Margins Deliver High Revenue

We offer our partners unprecedented discount rates up to 50%. This extraordinary discount allows partners to reap benefits as well as to reach the break-even point fast.

Joint Sales and Marketing Initiatives

We know industry best practices and how to close deals. You have an in-depth understanding of both market and customer needs. This synergy allows us to maximize our efforts and close more deals.

Access a Growing Customer Base

We foresee unprecedented growth in demand for combined BPM+CRM solutions in the next few years. We invite you to spearhead new business opportunities that this represents.

Unique Solutions Built on an Innovative Platform

As a BPMonline partner, it is possible to differentiate yourself by developing unique business solutions that target specific customer needs. Having a portfolio of applications that represents your expertise will instantly make your company a remarkable player in the market.

Personal Partner Account Manager

Time-to-market can be shortened because each partner deals with an individual Partner Account Manager. Our professionals assist you with handling the training process, provide consulting services in the area of business development and guide you through all the start-up stages.

Business Roadmap

Our Partner Roadmap is a great tool to instantly capitalize on business opportunities, find a niche and identify company strengths. It provides a blueprint of activities to be followed to optimize the BPMonline partnership.