Fantastic UI

The interface that reinvents the way you use enterprise software.


Design your own customer-oriented processes, automate them and optimize on-the-go.

Customer Success

Experience consistent support and incredible customer service with dedicated Customer Success Manager.

Simple. Fantastic UI

Good interface is like a smart servant — it helps you when you need assistance and does not annoy with his presence.

Bpm'online gives you a human-like interaction with a CRM solution — it helps you make right decisions by providing only relevant information whatever you do. E.g. when you make a first call to a prospect, it will display new promo discounts. When you are about to close a deal, but a customer hesitates, bpm'online CRM will display loan options. The solution always knows what to show and what to hide.

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3 Facts About User Interface

By doing your business with help of bpm'online you can:

  • Bring your own device and have the same experience that you have on laptop
  • Simplify navigation and data search with a smart command line
  • Use it with the same ease as you use a social network
Smart. BPM+CRM

Coherent management of customer-related processes drives more positive customer experience than all customer-development initiatives combined.

Process automation accelerates a bunch of manual tasks, so your employees can faster approve discount requests, track opportunity stages, fill out orders, and generate quotes.

Bpm'online CRM intelligently guides employee actions and recommends next steps that are defined by customer profile, your business goals and imperatives.


Unstoppable improvement

Deploy processes to make the system work the way you need, continuously monitor workflows, and incrementally improve them to delight customers with excellent service.

Endless agility

Design processes that enable employees dynamically select the action to catch the context of any situation. Agile processes let users stay focused on closing a task and at the same time give them a chance to try different approaches and see what works best.

Perfect collaboration

Run processes that break barriers between departments and let them perform as a cohesive whole.

Success. Customer Success Management

Bpm'online isn’t just committed to the product, but also its adoption, use, and the success of our customers. Your experience and continued return on investment is the top priority for us today. That is why we have created the Customer Success Management (CSM) department.

CSM is there to drive bpm'online product usage and adoption as well as customer satisfaction as a whole. Customer Success Manager helps customers to map their process and goals thus taking full advantages of all features and services that bpm'online has to offer.

Empowering our customers to succeed is what we focus on every day!

The support team has been excellent. I think we are really pushing to use this software to its maximum potential. Everything we have asked of our customer success manager and his team has become a reality. We have been able to really customize the software to our needs!

Gillian Kunza
Staff Accountant, TACIT


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Bpm'online CRM benefits in greater detail


The solution is an innovative tool for managing processes and customer relationships. Bpm'online CRM improves business performance by enabling its users to:

  • Design, automate, monitor and supervise business processes.
  • Get a detailed view of customers buying behavior.
  • Forecast sales plan with greater accuracy.
  • Manage marketing activities.
  • Schedule tasks and supervise employees.
  • Streamline document processing.
  • Measure and analyze business results.

For the last few years we see more and more CRM systems in UK, USA, and Canada with business process features.

2. Unparalleled Self-Customization Tools

Bpm'online platform provides a complete set of tools for fine tuning an application:

  • A wizard for adding objects, fields and links.
  • An integrated component library for customization without programming.
  • Processes for changing business logic.

The system automatically generates RIA interface that can be changed with a mouse. AJAX and Silverlight technologies that are integrated within the bpm'online platform make a UI design process smooth and convenient.

3. Open configuration

From architectural point of view, bpm'online employs the latest web-based technologies. Bpm'online CRM enables programmers to rebuild its modules, change business logic and extend functionality.

4. Only $35 per Month

The subscription for on-demand CRM system includes:

  • Usage of the hosted CRM management software.
  • Updates to all new versions of bpm'online CRM.
  • Technical support.

5. Agile Deployment

Depending on the company’s policy you can choose one of the following business CRM software deployment options: On-Demand (SaaS) or On-Site.

The subscription for bpm'online CRM on-demand (using the application hosted on the servers of the certified data center) includes usage of the cloud CRM application, updates to all new versions of bpm'online CRM and technical support.

The cost of bpm'online CRM on-site (using the application hosted on the servers of the client) supposes onetime payment and includes lifetime license for the CRM management software and bpm'online CRM maintenance services for the first year after the purchase.