BPMonline CRM Features

Winning combination of CRM tools and
business process management engine

Business Process Management

The heart of the application is the business process designer that allows for process modeling and execution. The logic and rules are defined by processes which can be changed when needed. Implementing a new process is as simple as modifying an old one – you simply draw a diagram and save it.

Customer Data Management

Know your customers, their buying behavior and preferences to win their trust. Get a consolidated data for accounts and contacts you work with. The web-based CRM is already integrated with Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to help you stay connected with people and build long-lasting relationships.

In addition to web CRM solution, you can use mobile application to work in any device, anytime. BPMonline CRM Mobile keeps data right in the smartphone, making internet connection irrelevant. With customer and opportunity data on your smartphone, you stay productive while in the fields.

BPMonline 7.0 - Customer Data Management

Get rapid and efficient access to vital customer information with BPMonline 7.0

Lead Management

Catch hot leads and manage customer enquiries, qualify and process them according to variety of business rules, remove duplicates, import data from your web-site, MS Excel and other sources. Track and manage every step of the whole chain of conversion.

To enhance your work with a lead you can integrate a website registration form with the CRM solution. A custom form can be created in the system and placed on the website’s landing page with the click of a mouse. Whenever the form is filled in and submitted the information from the form is transferred to the CRM and a process is automatically run to start working with a lead.

Time Management and Communications

Amplify your productivity by working with e-mails, phone calls, and tasks from a single page. Arrange your activities according to their priority, due date, and owner. Keep all activities related to a customer, partner or supplier under fingertips. Sync web CRM software with Google Calendar, MS Outlook and other popular schedulers.

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Sales Management

Harnesses sales tools in one solution - opportunity and quota management, sales pipeline, projections and forecasting. Selling is a team sport, so you can use BPMonline CRM to share materials, track competitor actions and be connected with your colleagues all the time.

Let the solution help you make better decisions by delivering relevant data when it’s most needed. BPMonline is surprisingly clever to display data in context of your current task, and hide what is irrelevant.

Document Management

Automate document processing, securely share materials, track invoices and attach files. Use familiar tools, like MS Word to create and update document templates. Get access to your team’s collective knowledge to instantly tap into the data you need to sell faster.

Knowledge Management

Knowledge Base is an online library that stores answers to frequently asked questions, presentations, learning kits for new employees and any other useful materials. Content of the Knowledge Base is crowdsourced meaning that each of the users can add an article, file or other material.

The Knowledge Base takes on features of social networks — users can like posts and share ideas and comments. This helps other users to quickly and easily find the most popular presentation or the most competent answer.

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Marketing Management

Organize engaging multichannel campaigns: segment your audience, plan budget, track responses and estimate ROI.

Use web CRM to reach more people with mass e-mail campaigns. Define your target audience, create personalized templates and craft really touching messages.


Analyze and optimize your company along the way. Monitor real-time diagrams and reports to keep tabs on current situation, measure results and forecast sales. Quickly create your own reports and modify dashboards to get new analytical dimensions.

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BPMonline 7.0 to your needs.

Administrative Tools

Manage users of BPMonline CRM software solution and define their access rights based on organizational structure. Turn on logging to track all changes to sensitive data.

Easily rearrange, add and remove lookups, data fields and entire pages. The application provides wizards and designers for objects, pages and processes. Use these tools to change the data appearance or business logic without programming.

QuickBooks Integration

Seamlessly synchronize customers and accounts data with back office solutions, like QuickBooks. Easily import the opportunities data, invoices issued and paid into BPMonline CRM.

BPMonline Outlook Connector
BPMonline CRM Mobile
The BPMonline Outlook Connector enables you to work in the native MS Outlook environment with all the data from BPMonline CRM

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With BPMonline CRM Mobile access to the vital business data is made simple anywhere

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