Benefits of using Bpm'online CRM Mobile

Enjoy all the benefits of mobile access to bpm'online CRM:

  • Simplified work with bpm'online CRM
  • Increased sales and field service employee productivity
  • Enhanced collaboration within the company
  • Enriched customer experience due to immediate response to requests and inquiries
  • Enhanced information accuracy, while lowering field service costs
  • Improved business process efficiency


Keep working with the team, even away from the office. Today’s business does not stop when stuck in traffic or sat on the train, and neither should yours.

Ease of Movement

Cell phone and mobile applications can get into places where laptops can’t due to the devices being much smaller, lighter and more portable. With a mobile interface you can conduct business where a laptop would not be suitable, for example you can be stood up in a public place and still have full access - as if you never left the office.

Saving Time

No need to wait until you are at your computer to carry out vital processes. Save vast amounts of time by clearing your workload before you even get to work.


Synchronise data with the office across the board, wherever you have access to an internet connection. With detailed staff analysis functions you can monitor the work of your employees remotely, enabling you to stay in control from any location, at any point in time.

Easy to Connect

Just power up the app with a broadband signal in range and you can exchange data with the bpm'online server. Work more efficiently and provide a better customer service, without being connected to a computer. Seamless integration with the device functions allows you to quickly and easily contact customers and employees whilst processes are being carried out. Move your entire business to the palm of your hand.