The BPMonline Platform

  • High-performance environment for creating business applications.
  • The professional IDE for creating and configuring applications on the BPMonline platform.
  • Powerful user interface: rich set of components for easy extension of the functionality without programming.
  • Multi-level service-oriented architecture.
  • A visual process design tool.

From architectural point of view, BPMonline employs the latest web-based technologies. The platform enables the design and automation of any business-specific process. BPMonline solutions are web based applications and that is why they need no installation on the user’s computer – all the work is performed via web browser.

The BPMonline platform is:

Multi-Level SaaS Architecture

Gain all the benefits from multi-tenant architecture and Software-as-a-Service model for delivery of applications that are built on the BPMonline platform.

With multi-tenancy all users work with their own BPMonline application that is customized to meet all business needs. The On-demand model enables the cutting of TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) associated with the BPMonline. No additional expenses are incurred for deployment or support.

Only Cutting Edge Technologies

The BPMonline platform is built on industry standard technologies. Developers may use such platforms as HTML, AJAX and Silverlight to build any user interface they prefer.

Because BPMonline has been developed using .Net it allows easy customization on a powerful platform. In fact, the strength and flexibility of the .Net platform is one of the primary reasons for its’ huge popularity among developers throughout the world. The BPMonline platform enables programmers to accelerate the development process by providing a unified and convenient set of development tools.

Service-Oriented Architecture

SOA streamlines the software development process by adding services instead of writing code from scratch. This approach facilitates the ease of extending IT solutions to business functions not currently covered by automation. The service-oriented architecture helps companies customize their applications instead of needing to develop new ones.

Visual Process Designer

Business processes are without a doubt a core of the BPMonline platform. With this platform there is no need to use code in order to design and implement new features. All that is required is to select from the basic process items and assign logical links among them – in this way the business logic is defined right from the BPMonline application.

All applications that are built on the BPMonline platform enable users to design processes in a handy visual design application. The real magic starts when completing the design process and save your work. Because the process can be run immediately the implementation cycle is drastically minimized. Additionally, since all processes are represented in the BPMN standard they are understandable for both business users and IT personnel.

Right-of-the-Box Customization Tools

BPMonline platform provides you a complete set of tools to fine tune an application: e.g. you may use a wizard to add objects, fields and links. An integrated component library enables the modification with standard blocks, not with lines of code. Some of these components can be used to extend basic interface items, like forms. The others allow adding powerful new features.

Customizable Interface

The BPMonline platform permits easy customization. The system automatically generates RIA interface that can be changed with a mouse. AJAX and Silverlight technologies that are integrated within the BPMonline platform make a UI design process smooth and convenient.

End-to-End Security

BPMonline doesn’t compromise on security. In order to protect data, access rights can be assigned to different user roles, it can also restrict access to objects, fields and records. To protect you from fraud or hacking all sensitive data is transferred only under SSL protocol (HTTPS).

Scale and Updates

The multi-level architecture is scalable so it is easy to go from several users to many thousands of users with no performance issues. Because the BPMonline platform is delivered as SaaS, all users always work with the latest version.