Bpm'online Service Desk Software Features

Bpm'online service desk software solutions give you:

  • Service portfolio management.
  • Service level management.
  • Incident and service request management.
  • Change and release management.
  • Configuration management.
  • Customers and suppliers information management.
  • Service engineers time management.
  • Reporting and analytics.


Incident Management


Automation of incident registration and classification, flexible task assignment and incident escalation.

Stores complete history of individual incidents; links between configuration items, problems and releases. Tools for assessing end-user feedback and service quality.

Knowledge Management

Knowledge Base

Flexible internal knowledge management tools, storage for all your standardized ‘knowledge-based’ solutions, evaluation of solutions effectiveness, ability for end-users to access the knowledge base.

Problem Management


The Problem management capabilities of bpm'online service desk help to simplify both reactive and proactive problem management. Identify infrastructure bottlenecks; plan actions for large scale incidents.

Resolve problems easily by identifying common known errors and responding appropriately. Track links between problems, configuration items and services.

Configuration Management

Configuration Items

Use bpm'online service desk to register configuration items (software and hardware elements) with detailed technical specifications.

The configuration management database (CMDB). Registration of hierarchical structure, logical and physical relationships between configuration items.

Automation of identification procedures, registration and deregistration; assessment of the cost parameters of ownership.

Change Management


Tools for various support changes: standard, urgent.

Automation of planning procedures, development and implementation of changes. Possibility to monitor approval processes, create a change committee.

Mechanisms for monitoring the results of changes, return to initial settings, assess effect on existing infrastructure.

Service Request Management

Service Requests

Ability to automate standard requests from users, adjust workflow of standard schemes of servicing.

Compilation of request statistics by departments, contacts, service agreements.

Release Management


Automated quality changes to infrastructure and technology solutions development.

Tools for planning, design, implementation and deployment of releases across an enterprise’s IT infrastructure. Assessment of labor costs in relation to releases, release team management, deployment results analysis.

Service Portfolio Management


Create a choice of hierarchical service portfolios: ‘business’ and/or ‘technical’ service catalogues

History of service provision, creation of service packages, setting times for error resolution.

Service Level Management

Service Agreements

Support various types of service contracts: with end-users (Service Level Agreements, SLAs), interaction between different helpdesk teams (Operational Level Agreements, OLAs), and manage relationships with external suppliers (Underpinning Contract, UC).

In addition there are more options for adding different levels of service; labor management & scheduling and controlling quality service violations.

Service Process Management

Business Processes

Built-in mechanism for modeling, execution and monitoring processes.

Reference ITIL processes.

Simple tools for automation of service desk regulations.

Customers and suppliers information management


Store complete information about your service users in a centralised database.

The flexibility to adjust the organizational structure of the company, store customer records and contact information.

Quick access to service history, requests, service contacts, service level agreements.

Comprehensive service provider database. Storage of interaction rules: agreements, guidelines for delivery of requests.

Store a complete history of communications, tools for monitoring the quality of work performed by service providers.

Service engineers time management


Time management module for service engineers, planning maintenance tasks, control of order processing.

Effective time management tools, organizer, mechanisms to evaluate the current level of staff workload.

A comprehensive system for task management, quality control, labor management.

Dashboard and Analytics


Built-in comprehensive statistical reports, graphs, printed forms.

Supervisor’s Dashboard.

Unlimited tools for creation and configuration of user analytics.

Administrative Tools

Change Log


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