Advantages of adoption and implementation of KCS methodology

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Digital revolution transforms the way companies do business, add value and engage with their customers. Moreover, technology creates huge opportunities for innovation and productivity optimization for organizations in various industries. However, it also adds complexity and hence creates challenges for support agents to provide clients with the top-level service.


Knowledge-Centered Support (KCS) is a solution that focuses primarily on knowledge as a critical asset of the organization to help service pros mitigate today's digital challenges. Organizations that employ knowledge-centered support methodology can resolve five to ten times more customer cases, as well as identify opportunities to improve company's products or services based on the customer experience and their feedback. Knowledge-centered methodology comprised of double-loop processes - “Solve Loop” and “Evolve Loop” - creates unified knowledge base that enhances content’s quality and users’ participation.  


Benefits of KCS Adoption

Well-structured and reusable content which is generated by three main stakeholder groups: customers, companies and agents is the core of seamless problem-solving service processes. As a result, agile knowledge-centered support can help companies to react and resolve incidents, provide more precise answers to customers’ requests, etc. In addition, organizations observe substantial savings in operational costs as knowledge-centered support helps businesses to deliver top-notch customer service experience without acquiring additional software or hiring extra staff.

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Hence, KCS can ensure operational efficiency, self–service success, and organizational improvement and learning benefits. However, the process of implementation and adoption of agile knowledge-centered support comes along with a number of aspects that strong leadership has to consider before choosing KCS. For this reason, in our eBook we have outlined an ultimate roadmap that can help your organization deliver excellent customer service. Check it out!


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