Bpm’online honored with CRM Market Leader Awards

Bpm’online is always one step ahead of the competition. The company is all about delivering the best in class BPM and CRM technologies to its customers. The continuous improvement of products and services is company’s top priority today. Bpm’online intelligent CRM platform accelerates sales, marketing, service and operations for thousands of customers and hundreds of partners all over the world. The software is committed to helping organizations of all sized and types be equipped to respond to ever-changing demands of the rapidly evolving digital world.

“No effort is ever wasted”, an old saying that once again proves to be valid. Every year bpm’online earns the most admired and reputable CRM industry awards, and 2018 was not an exception. The other day, CRM magazine, the leading publication of the customer relationship management industry, covering sales, marketing, customer service, and strategy, has named bpm’online a Leader in Midmarket CRM Suite and Sales Force Automation categories, as well as named the One to Watch in the Enterprise CRM Suite of the CRM Market Awards 2018.

CRM Magazine is committed to serving leaders engaged in the development of customer-centric business initiatives and ventures. The purpose of CRM Market Awards is to acknowledge leading vendors that transform the CRM industry with the latest innovative products and enhanced capabilities. The 2018 judging panel of CRM Market Awards consists of CRM industry’s key analysts, consultants and thought leaders. The winners are chosen based on several criteria, including customer satisfaction, product quality, company direction and product costs.  

In the Midmarket CRM Suite category, bpm’online is listed among the top four vendors. According to CRM Magazine, “the vendor earned impressive scores in customer satisfaction and cost (4.2) and in depth of functionality and company direction (4.1).” In the Sales Force Automation category, bpm’online was also recognized as a Leader, as the vendor scored well in company direction (4.2), and its sales force automation product is very highly regarded as well.

In addition to becoming a Leader in Midmarket CRM Suite and Sales Force Automation categories, bpm’online is named the “One to Watch” solution in the Enterprise CRM Suite category. Jim Dickie, co-founder and independent research director at CSO Insights, noted, “bpm’online platform is attractive to firms who are heavily process-focused.”

Try award-winning bpm’online today to find out why bpm'online products continue to gain recognition from the world’s top-ranked media analysts.


Insights from CEO and Managing Partner,
Katherine Kostereva and Chief Evangelist,
Matthew Tharp!

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