CRM evolution 2012 at a glance

This year BPMonline participated in annual global CRM event as a platinum sponsor and an exponent.

CRM Evolution 2012 gathered major influencers in CRM, BPM, Digital Marketing, Customer Service, Cloud-Based CRM. Their speeches were full of interesting facts, ideas and practical advices. There were 50 presentations at all, and please don’t consider me too BPM-biased, but sessions that cover business process automation collected more meaningful discussions than any other.

Of course we were at the forefront! Katerina Kostereva, managing partner of BPMonline unveiled secrets of the victory in the CRM Idol. Helen Iron, business development executive shared her vision on the future of CRM in her session "BPM+CRM Synergy to Boost Efficiency". See a presentation here.

Many thanks to people who organized this event. They are the biggest professionals in the area of event management. Everything was organized on a very high level. No doubts, this helped all exponents including us gain maximum benefits from meetings with prospect customers and strategic partners.

Thanks to all people we met, it was a real pleasure to be with you all these days!


Insights from CEO and Managing Partner,
Katherine Kostereva and Chief Evangelist,
Matthew Tharp!

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