Ent Credit Union works with bpm'online to improve its customer relations

October 03, 2019
 • by 
Yaryna Kobryn

Ent Credit Union is a not-for-profit, community-chartered credit union focused on improving the financial life of all Coloradoans. As a leading credit union in the state, the company has 350,000 members and more than 30 service center locations.

In order to support its dynamic growth and ensure a high quality of services, Ent Credit Union recently selected bpm’online as their CRM provider.

"The software will be used to flatten the communication hierarchy as well as to improve member and employee experience, which will enable deeper member relationships and engagement,” says Amy Krasikov, Director of Engagement Systems. The engagement systems team was recently created to focus on a successful bpm'online implementation and ongoing engagement.

According to Krasikov, among the key requirements to the system was agility. "The systems we interact with need to be flexible and nimble enough to evolve as our needs change. They need to add value. If they don’t, users won’t engage," - states Amy in her interview published on CreditUnions.com.

Bpm'online CRM platform has been in production since late May 2019. The credit union plans an iterative launch cycle with all users on Bpmonline within the next six to 12 months. Ent Credit Union plans to continually evaluate and expand the system, growing it along with the company.

Ent Credit Union works with bpm'online to improve its customer relations