The most advanced bpm'online ever

BPMonline 5.3 now provides a concurrent licensing option, and this is one the most significant update we’ve made since the first release.

Let me make a digression here. All of you might know what “hot desking” is. The major advantage of this way of organizing office premises is that you need less space to place employees. Why do I start telling you about hot desking? Because BPMonline 5.3 is a unique example of SaaS that provides “software hot desking” - that is exactly what a concurrent licensing option was designed for. This licensing option enables a business to pay only for maximum number of employees that work simultaneously, not for all employees in a company. Needless to say, that in some cases it can drastically reduce TCO.

Version by version, BPMonline CRM obtains new features, but it remains visually elegant and delivers great user experience. Every new release adds new interface items, but they look native, thus usability of the product is still wonderful.

The first change of the last version that caught my attention was a button that enables users to starts processes right from a card. Though it saves only a few clicks, it may be useful – a few clicks here, a few clicks there, and by this half an hour is saved.

Many thanks to our R&D for integration with Google – I plugged two applications fast and easily, as if one was an extension of another. I am sure that this new feature will find its fans among those guys who spend considerable part of working life in Google apps… and there are plenty of them. The previous version allowed 350 million gmail users to sync their data with the CRM solution for free. With BPMonline 5.3, more than 4 million companies that use Google Aps can sync calendars and contacts. So, please, welcome!

The greatest UI improvement was hidden in a process designer application, so now it looks gorgeous. Changes were made not only for UI – there were few more cool features. E.g., now it’s possible to open designer of visual forms right from the process designer. In other words, now you can instantly change interface that a user sees at the every process step. In addition, if you delete an item, the system keeps the link between process blocks that were before and after.


Insights from CEO and Managing Partner,
Katherine Kostereva and Chief Evangelist,
Matthew Tharp!

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