Praxi Solutions partners with bpm’online to accelerate customer relationships

August 28, 2018
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Kylie Marine

Praxi Solutions, Inc., an information technology company established in 2002, provides superior quality Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Business Process Management (BPM) solutions powered by knowledgeable relationships, integrity, and attractive pricing.  Praxi serves customers in the United States and in several other regions around the globe.

Praxi provides solutions that enable businesses to acquire and maintain profitable relationships with their customers and end-users. In collaboration with bpm’online, the IT company powers tools that have extreme flexibility and rich customization capabilities by increasing sales and marketing performance to maximize customer satisfaction and loyalty. As such, Praxi’s client portfolio ranges from SMB to enterprise level from a wide variety of industries.

Bpm’online was the ideal fit, “The one that made us feel special as a partner, the one that made us feel complete in terms of the product and the one that made us feel that we can count on them not just today, but also in the future. And bpm’online was that vendor,” commented Flavio Lebrao, CEO.

With its flexible and powerful platform, the bpm’online products cater to the diverse range of Praxi Solutions’ clients, “The product is the highest technology available on the market today. You can find lots of big names, and very expensive solutions, but bpm’online has a good combination between pricing, attention to customer service while allowing the customer to grow with the solution,” informed Flavio.

“Implementation can take place anywhere from a couple of weeks to maybe two months, everybody is going to be onboard using, producing, and if they need something else, they can always add. That’s a lot easier than starting up whole large project when a process change is required. So bpm’online comes onboard with something almost done, very easy to utilize and very friendly with the user. If they don’t need something down the road they can always drop it and if they need something else, they can always add it.” Flavio Lebrao, CEO.     
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Praxi Solutions brings you the best technology available in the industry and makes it work for you according to YOUR business' needs and requirements.
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