The winner of the first CRM Idol!

Our glasses are full of champagne because we are celebrating our victory in the CRM Idol contest.

What to say? It was a real pleasure to participate in this contest. We have grown both professionally and spiritually for the last 5 month. Competitors were really tough, their solutions are awesome, we wish them luck! Every contestant understood huge positive effect from winning this contest, so the race was extremely intensive. Judges were attentive to details and helped us to stay focused on what is really important. We were pleased and surprised at their keen response and support.

BPMonline team has been working for 2 years to create a solution that will bring easy and affordable process management tools to CRM professionals. We believe that in year or two stand-alone CRM solultions will be replaced by platforms with BPM features and tight integration with social media. A business of any size and industry will win from such a CRM platform.

Once again, we want to thank judges for their time, competitors for the challenge and voters for the victory.


Insights from CEO and Managing Partner,
Katherine Kostereva and Chief Evangelist,
Matthew Tharp!

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