Working with bpm’online is tough – but in a good way

November 07, 2018
 • by 
Kylie Marine

“Working with bpm’online is tough because they are accelerating…. with a release almost every month and new features coming out all the time. Bpm’online is growing so quickly and I think it’s growing in a very positive way with more features.”  - Sam Biardo, Founder and CEO, Technology Advisors, Inc.

Technology Advisors, Inc. (TAI) is a software-consulting firm specializing in the development of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) processes and technology solutions. Since 1991, the company has helped more than 2,000 businesses increase sales, boost productivity, and improve profitability.

The consulting firm collaborated with bpm’online to help companies get the most out of their software investments. “Bpm’online has such a complete solution that you don’t have to spend time building stuff out. If you look at the competition, they’re piecemeal. Bpm’online has a complete solution that has been pre-built and that just makes it so much faster to get the customer up and running in literally weeks vs months. Then we can come back, as they adopt and use the product, we can turn on additional features to let them grow and accelerate throughout their entire organization.” - Sam Biardo, Founder and CEO, Technology Advisors, Inc.

To hear more about TAI’s thoughts on bpm’online, please watch the video: