Major update of bpm’online version 7.10

A holistic platform for business process management with enhanced tools to accelerate time-to-strategy execution

New capabilities of business process designer

Leverage the enhanced tools for designing and optimizing business processes

We constantly work on improving tools for business process management to enable users change processes faster than ever.

Version 7.10 features new process elements to enable automated or manual email sending on any step of the process. Newly added element allows users to send emails based on predefined templates, send emails to a contact or account, use process parameter values in the email body and much more.

It has also become easier to modify existing business processes thanks to the extended support of process version control. Users can choose to save changes as a new version of the process and easily switch between different business process versions.

Improved case management technologies

Gain maximum agility with case management

We continue to enhance dynamic case management capabilities in bpm’online to help users streamline their unstructured, “untamed” processes.

Users can configure case flows in any system section, including the new sections created with the Section wizard.

The list of improvements also includes tools that enable users to:

  • Specify a custom sequence of steps for case stages - immediately after moving to the stage or after another step has been completed.
  • Create several case flows for one section, for example, configure different case flows for opportunity management for different sales categories.

For more convenient system usage, all cases are now available in the Section Wizard where users can effortlessly create, set up and launch them.

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Intelligent email processing

Add and update customer data in just one click with intelligent customer profile enrichment

The new release features intelligent Natural Language Processing tools for enriching customer profile with the most accurate data from incoming emails. No need to manually search for customer data in incoming emails - the system will automatically analyze the email content and enrich contact information based on obtained data.

This allows users to create a new contact or update an existing contact profile in just one click. You decide what information should be added to the system, and what should be excluded.

Easy customization of business logic without programming

Quickly configure the system logics with simple user tools

The latest system update offers user capabilities for business rules setup, which allows for easy user customization of the system, without involving IT staff.

New capabilities enable users to display or hide fields, make fields editable or restricted, as well as set up filter conditions in lookup fields.

Global search

Instantly find the information you need

The latest release includes revamped global search capability that enables users to swiftly search for the necessary information across all bpm’online sections which drastically simplifies the process of working with big volumes of data.

For instance, this will help users to find a customer by an additional phone number or payment details. Global search is run directly from the command line, and all search queries are processed taking into account morphology and possible typos.

Enhanced service management tools

Ensure an exceptional level of customer service

As a part of this release, numerous improvements to the system’s case management capabilities spanning from case registration to case closure were made. For example, bpm’online can now automatically register a new contact from the incoming email or work with anonymous cases. Other features include the ability to schedule case notifications, close or reopen cases based on the users’ feedback and use emoticons for evaluation the service quality.

The improvements encompass the ability to quickly setup web-to-case forms with the help of built-in tools for integration with the company’s website. In addition, users can now enable or disable the customer feedback request sending, as well as easily manage the customer feedback survey forms.

Besides, the latest release features a more advanced algorithm of determining the case lifecycle stages. It allows for receiving comprehensive analysis on how long a case has stayed on each stage as well as for how long it was assigned to a specific group of assignees or a support line.


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Effective task management for field sales

Streamline the efficiency of your field sales

Version 7.10 makes it even easier for field sales to manage their visits schedule by taking into account the route, average duration and frequency of visits, and schedule with a new section for ‘Cyclic’ task management.

Visit rules are now automatically defined according to a visit category. Moreover, the new update features SKU monitoring capabilities with the ability to enter product prices directly from the mobile app.

Additional HR management capabilities in bpm’online

Create a 360-degree employee view

In the updated Employees section, users can now manage comprehensive information about the changes in the employee’s career history within the organization; create new employee onboarding plans and effectively manage other HR activities.

The employee profile page contains all information from the corresponding contact record, such as communication options, addresses, noteworthy events and career information. If an employee is also one of the bpm’online users, the employee page will contain information on the employee’s access permissions, organizational and functional roles and other data.

The new functionality is supported by all bpm’online products.

Dashboards in mobile app

Keep track of the key performance indicators from your smartphone

The latest mobile app update features all dashboards available in the in the desktop version.

With a smartphone or a tablet users can now more effectively track their key performance indicators, analyze efficiency and instantly react to the latest changes.

New development capabilities: both desktop and mobile

Effortlessly configure your CRM system

The latest bpm’online version 7.10 enables users to easily configure the system and manage the development packages without a built-in SVN client.

Bpm’online 7.10 allows users to:

  • Edit any packages in the external editors/environments
  • Use any control system and professional utilities to merge changes
  • Develop in bpm’online and any other environment simultaneously
  • Migrate the developed packages between the Dev environments simply by copying the packages or using custom scripts.

The latest release enables mobile app developers to switch to the developer’s mode and test new features on a released mobile app version without a need to deploy a debug version.

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