Major update of bpm’online version 7.9

Bringing the power of intelligent data enrichment and advanced dynamic case management to every bpm’online user

New features of bpm’online  platform

Dynamic Case Management

Have your unstructured processes up and running in less than 5 minutes!

Dynamic Case Management (DCM) technology empowers organizations to more dynamically and flexibly manage unstructured, "untamed" processes. Even the most complex process can be built and automated in less than 5 minutes.

No specific skills required to build a dynamic process – just add stages and tasks on a process diagram with simple drag & drop tools. With the same drag & drop approach, users can effortlessly change process stages, alter activity order or delete an unnecessary activity in just a few clicks.

DCM offers adaptable, context-based patterns that enable users to dynamically select the best path and set of activities to achieve the most successful outcomes. DCM tools can be employed for various processes, including you’re working with leads, opportunities, and/or service cases.

Robust business process management tools

Forster business process excellence – from modeling to optimizations

With each and every update of bpm’online, we continue to improve the BPM (Business Process Management) capabilities. Bpm’online 7.9 features a more powerful BPM engine along with an advanced visual process designer that allow organizations to automate structured business processes taking into account a variety of conditions and requirements.

The new version features a simplified search for process elements and parameters, an automatic rebuild of deleted relations when a process element is removed from a diagram, an option to restore unsaved changes in a diagram.

Built-in validation of formulas and sub-processes ensure the ultimate speed of process modeling, and allow for swift and efficient process optimization based on process execution analytics.

Intelligent data enrichment

Leverage our CRM data scientist for effortless automatic smart data enrichment

Users can now manage their CRM data faster and with minimal effort by leveraging automatic smart data enrichment. Bpm’online’s CRM data scientist will swiftly identify email addresses, phone numbers, social media profiles and other valuable information about a company from open sources. While reviewing the obtained data, users can select which information they want to add or exclude from the account profile.

With this intelligent tool, bpm’online users get the most complete and up-to-date customer data with no additional effort.

Smart deduplication

Ensure the highest quality and integrity of data

The new version of bpm’online 7.9 features extended capabilities for deduplication to help users ensure high data quality and integrity.

Now, the local duplicate search is performed exactly like global duplicate search, according to defined search rules. New rules for more effective duplicate search have been added. For instance, contacts will be flagged as potential duplicates if they have matching full names, regardless of the order in which first, last and middle names are entered.

The new version also provides an option to merge duplicates of system users as well as merge duplicate section entries.

Extended segmentation capabilities

Build advanced segments with just a few clicks

With upgraded segmentation tools, users can effortlessly create the most precise data segments.

Bpm’online 7.9 features tools to enable and disable filter conditions, an option to save a filter as a folder, as well as other improvements to search and filter capabilities that allow users to quickly and effortlessly create various segments based on any set of criteria. Users can easily save a specific filter as a dynamic group.

With these updated data management tools, users can quickly create any data selections based on a variety of criteria.

Enhanced mobile app

Enjoy a mobile CRM app that works faster than ever

With Windows 10 support, background data update and seamless synchronization of the mobile app configuration, users can get prompt access to the most up-to-date CRM data from their smartphones or tablets. Upgraded calls and feed capabilities enable users to boost productivity in fields.

Single Sign-On support

Leverage easy and secure user administration and authentication

Support of a Web Single Sign-On (WebSSo) simplifies the sign-in process and ensures smooth integration of bpm’online with the corporate IT infrastructure, while achieving security and compliance thanks to a centralized user administration.

WebSSo allows users to:

  • Use a single set of credentials to log in to all systems of the company.
  • Take advantage of simple and centralized user management with the “Just-in-Time User Provisioning” function, which enables creating new users and updating existing user data upon each login.
  • Lower maintenance costs dramatically with SAML 2.0 that is supported by all popular authentication providers.

New features of bpm'online marketing

  • Run smarter, more personalized campaigns

    Enhanced capabilities for marketing campaign management enable organizations to run multichannel campaigns based on customer behavioral patterns.

    Bpm’online allows marketers to dynamically change the campaign path depending on the link customers follow in an email. This enables greater personalization, and more flexible and agile campaign management. In addition, the “landing page” element within campaigns can now be placed at any stage of a campaign flow. Moreover, if a landing page is opened via a link from a bulk or trigger email, all customer data fields will be automatically filled out with the corresponding contact information to help increase conversion rate.

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  • Bring email marketing to a whole new level of effectiveness

    In this release, bpm’online is expanding the list of integrations with third party Email Service Providers. Bpm’online now offers out-of-the-box integration with Elastic Email. Moreover, integration with any other email service provider of your choice is easy to set up - all integration settings are displayed in a single interface in bpm’online. To make the integration process even smoother, the system prompts users and guides them through an integration setup process.

    In addition, email marketing capabilities in bpm’online version 7.9 were complemented with an upgraded Content Designer that now more efficiently optimizes email templates for different devices and email clients. When working with bulk email campaigns, users can get even more detailed analytics on unsent and undelivered emails as well as the reason for an unsuccessful delivery.

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New features of bpm'online sales

  • Enable smarter and nimbler field sales

    The latest version of bpm’online 7.9 offers tools designed to simplify field sales.

    Improved capabilities for managing pre-configured visits for field sales on a mobile device, along with convenient tools to monitor SKUs, will dramatically increase the efficiency of field sales.

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  • Drive more sales with real-time data from the website

    The latest update includes the extension of the landing page functionality for activities beyond lead generation. Users can now leverage landing pages to capture any data record and automatically feed it through the system to further influence and trigger the next best actions that should be taken.

    Landing page integration capabilities are offered for all bpm’online CRM bundle editions. The integration process is considerably simplified thanks to helpful prompts that walk you through step-by-step as well as an improvement in the coding of the landing page.

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New features of bpm'online service

  • Deliver faster and more personalized customer care

    Improved Customer Portal allows users to classify cases with a top level of precision, easily send additional files, as well as, assess the performance of a customer support team.

    Additionally, bpm’online service offers upgraded service calendars and algorithms for calculating case resolution timeframe based on case priority, SLA or support plan to ensure flexibility and the most personalized approach to handling every case.

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  • Spend time where it matters most

    To provide users with more accurate case data, bpm’online 7.9 features advanced anti-spam filters with flexible rules for ‘junk’ email processing. If the sender’s email is on a ‘black’ list that was created based on the spam filtering rules applied, the case from such an email will not be created. For instance, if you receive an auto-reply, the system will not create a case and automatically exclude this specific email from the process. Such tools protect customer support teams from undesired email streams to help them focus on what matters most.

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