CRM for Accounting

Personalize communication and manage customer requests by following pre-defined processes to manage the complete customer journey – from the initial request for information to continued account maintenance.

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What are the benefits of using CRM Accounting?

Bpm'online offers out-of-the-box best practice processes to manage customer-facing operations in retail and corporate banking. Ready-to-go processes guide users through the most effective actions and make it easy to jump start system adoption.

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Unified customer base

Create a unified database of potential and existing customers of your bank. In bpm'online bank sales you can manage legal entity profiles, contact data, see the entire history of interactions with each client, view the products that have been offered and the transactions that have been made with the client, including contracts, bank accounts and cards, as well as any other financial instruments. With a 360-degree customer view, you can create the most effective communication strategy, offer customers relevant financial products and improve service.

Dashboard set-up

Make sure your goals are achieved by easily planning sales volumes by account managers, bank products or services. Get relevant statistics or selected Indicators (for example, the number of bank’s customers in a region or industry) displayed as graphical charts, create lists of the most important information and track your results. Compare indicators across periods, apply smart filtering tools to get the information you need within a matter of seconds and analyze results.

Out-of-the-box sales process

Employ the out-of-the-box best practice process for corporate sales. The process is designed to disseminate best practices of complex sales cycles, thereby greatly increasing sales manager’s chances to successfully close each deal. At each stage the system prompts for the necessary steps that allow you to organize and simplify daily routine operations.

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