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What is CRM applications software?

CRM software applications are used to produce a bridge between marketing sales and service activities, and therefore allow companies to nimbly manage every step of customer interaction – from lead generation to account maintenance.

Acquire more customers

CRM applications help companies acquire and convert prospects into new customers through building awareness, analyzing behaviors, defining target audiences and delivering the right messages to the right people.

Retain customers

Not only CRM apps aim at increasing the number of new customers, but also improving the lifetime value of existing ones. By automating customer-centric processes and using consolidated customer data from multiple sources, companies can provide a more personalized approach resulting in better customer loyalty.

Deliver great customer experience

The ultimate goal of a customer relationship management application is to increase revenue through the continuous delivery of an outstanding customer experience. Timely and personalized approaches to each and every customer will improve customer loyalty and result in repeat sales.

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Marketing automation app

The bpm’online CRM application is a great tool to drive demand generation by understanding prospects’ needs and delivering personalized communication in order to transform them into sales. Marketing automation tools in CRM apps include, but are not limited to database management, marketing campaign automation, lead management, email marketing, event management, communication tools and analytics.

Sales automation app

Bpm’online sales automation tools enable sales professionals to efficiently manage the complete sales cycle – from initial contact to order, and successful cross and up sales. Sales reps can take advantage of the app’s powerful features such as sales forecasting and planning, opportunity.

Service automation app

Bpm’online CRM software for service automation enables service agents to work more efficiently and constantly deliver high level service to customers. The solution includes such important features, as omnichannel communications, case management, contact center automation, service catalogue, service level management, knowledge base and analytics, etc.

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