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Advantages of best online CRM system

Data enrichment through social media

Find customers on Facebook or Twitter and enrich their profiles using the pre-built social media integration features. Get various information on contacts and companies from social networks with the click of a mouse.

Best online CRM system: Data enrichment through social media

Project management

Leverage bpm’online sales to efficiently manage both internal and external projects. Set project deadlines, manage costs, assign tasks to owners or teams. Manage planned and actual workload, time and cost to calculate efficiency of projects. The system helps to identify the project cost overruns, as well as reminds you of the upcoming deadlines. Keep abreast of the project progress by analyzing and distributing workloads in real time. Customize dashboards to monitor and analyze key project metrics.

Best online CRM system: Project management

Document database

Easily manage documents using bpm’online sales. Track documents in the system, specify their type and link them to customers, opportunities, orders, etc. Attach scans and copies of documents, create new documents using the pre-set templates and populate them with data from the system. Save the history of approvals and chronology of activities for each document.

Best online CRM system: Document database
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