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Marketing, sales and service are the most crucial processes for any business. Therefore, streamlining and synchronizing these three is vital for achieving success. Nevertheless, getting this done with outdated tools such as spreadsheets is not practical, let alone effective. Here, you need a robust CRM solution that centralizes your data, automates lead capturing, offers versatile sales force automation and has powerful help desk functionalities.

Boost your business with a powerful CRM system

Lead capturing simplified

Sales force automation

Better service management

Boost your marketing efforts, streamline your sales process and speed up your customer service with bpm’online CRM.

Advantages of bpm’online CRM

Cloud-based software

Bpm’online offers a cloud-based CRM solution. With no need to bear heavy infrastructural cost, you can get started with a browser only.


Bpm’online literally brings your business to your fingertips. The CRM application is amazingly mobile friendly and can be accessed from any device, be it a smart phone, tablet, desktop or laptop.

High scalability

Being a cloud-based CRM, bpm’online is super easy to scale. Start with just one user or twenty or two hundred; you can upgrade or downgrade at any point of time, with zero technical drama.

Awesome features of bpm’online CRM

Out-of-the-box processes

Bpm’online brings down the implementation time with a number of out-of-the-box processes that you can choose and start working within minutes. These processes are designed according to the industry best practices and thus are highly effective in managing your marketing, sales and service requirement. And thanks to the low-code environment offered by bpm’online, you can easily customize them to fit your unique requirements. The system comes with a versatile process library to choose a wide array of processes from too!

Easy customization capabilities

Creating, editing, removing or adding any process flow is super easy with bpm’online CRM. The system comes with a low-code environment. So, you can easily customize your existing processes, work flows etc. with the intuitive yet powerful editor. And when the need to code do arrive, your developers can get the job done in a fast and no-fuss way.

Centralize your data

The CRM brings all your data in one centralized platform and makes those accessible to your marketing, sales and service teams. The intelligent system not only captures your data, but also verifies and enhances them using social data, position in company structure and so on. This, in turn goes a long way in getting your leads sales ready and offering better services to existing customers.

Powerful automation abilities

The CRM system comes with robust automation abilities. From lead capturing and automating mundane jobs, till sending event and task notifications, the CRM does it all to make your life easier. The bpm’online service comes with a versatile customer portal too that lets customer lodge service requests, track the progress and send feedback through an easy to use interface.

Superb analytical power

The intelligent CRM system offers in-depth analysis on all of your marketing, sales and service processes. This way, you know exactly what is working for your business, what is not and can optimize the process accordingly.