BPM as a Service

BPM (business process management) is a class of corporate information systems that allow you to automate the process of company management and manage business efficiency.


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BPM technology

BPM systems monitor, find inconsistencies and opportunities to improve the processes occurring in the company. Using a BPM system, the company's IT department can model existing business processes and introduce new ones; low-coding BPM platforms provide the users with no tech knowledge with the ability to build processes as well. BPM allows the company to be flexible and adapt quickly to the changes in the surrounding business environment. That is why the major players in all markets began to actively implement BPM systems.

BPM software helps in managing the diversity of business processes existing in the enterprise. With the help of BPM systems, it becomes possible to create visual graphical schemes, analyze the current situation, improve and optimize all the activities of the company. Thus, the key goal of such kind of systems is to increase the "return" from the management and operation of the company as a whole. For this purpose, when developing BPM system, its basic mechanisms are designed to identify weak, vulnerable "points" in the organizational units.

Business process management system "took" all the best from other important corporate systems: solutions for document management, ERP systems, etc. However, BPM is another software type, and the difference matters significantly. While it includes all the tools of the above products, it additionally has the ability to flexibly integrate with the management system at the enterprise level, growing and changing with it.

Combination of BPM and SaaS forces

SaaS (Software as a Service) is a technology of software products usage, assuming that customers can access software through the Internet. One of the most significant advantages of the SaaS model is that there is no need to install, update and maintain the health of servers and software itself. Combination of BPM and SaaS forces is taking both types of software and companies that use it to a brand new level. As a result, enterprises that use BPM as a service technology receive a lot of benefits:

Business processes tools

Effective and powerful tools to manage, structure and enhance business processes.

Custom processes tools

Tools to build custom processes – the ones, which exactly fit your business specifics.

No need to install

There is no need to install software on the employees’ workplaces, as it is accessed via Internet, just from a browser.

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BPM as a service in bpm’online CRM

Customer segmentation

Segment customers by multiple parameters to improve communication and build stronger relationships. Bpm’online allows building custom segments by industry, revenue, priority or any parameter you choose. Take advantage of using the dynamic segments, which are filled automatically based on the set parameters. You can, for example, filter all the accounts which you have not contacted for one month.

Unified service catalogue

Create a unified database of services to facilitate the work of your service agents. An up-to-date and complete service catalogue will help you regulate service processes and offer clients services relevant to them.

A unified interface for lead management

The system not only helps to track visitor behavior on your website, but also enables you to identify lead generation channels and sources. All information is collected in the lead profiles and is also displayed in dashboard analytics. Track lead sources to evaluate the effectiveness of lead generation channels used in your marketing campaigns and focus your efforts on the best performing channels.

Boost your marketing, sales and service performance with bpm’online!

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