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Profile completeness

Manage the completeness of information on your customers, their contacts and deals. The system allows you to add weight to each parameter in customer profile and visualize the data in a convenient way. Sales rep can easily identify important customers and transactions, which lack the important details, and a supervisor can promptly evaluate the completeness of customer data in sales portfolio and make sure that database contains all relevant information. In case of information gaps the system allows to send a request to complete the missing data.

Business Process Management software: Profile completeness

Customer segmentation

Segment customers by various parameters to improve communications and build stronger relationships. Bpm’online customer service allows building custom segments by industry, revenue, service level, customer preferences or any other parameter you choose. Use dynamic segments, which are filled automatically based on the set parameters. For example, you can filter all the accounts, that you have not contacted for a month or more.

Business Process Management software: Customer segmentation

Lead qualification

Leverage bpm’online marketing to better qualify leads. Check lead profile accuracy and search for duplicate leads. Connect leads to relevant accounts and enrich lead data with insightful intelligence that can be leveraged during sales follow up. Search for similar leads in the system to identify a prospect’s needs and make decisions when qualifying a lead.

Business Process Management software: Unified service catalogue
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