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In bpm’online’s holistic approach to business excellence, Business Process Analysis plays a defining role. Leverage it for marketing, sales, service, and everything in between.


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What guarantees the success of your business process management? Are your current attempts meeting their goals? Is everything going according to plan? Can you certainly say that your company’s problems are being dealt with in a fast, effective, and timely fashion? How can you even tell?

If your BPM spurs more questions than answers, the time is right to employ BPA as well.

Can BPM Deliver without Business Process Analysis?

From BPM to BPA to BA, the array of specialized methods for keeping your business processes on the right track is wide and diverse. Even so, they all have one important thing in common – they give your company a better understanding of how processes are running, and how they can be improved.

The more unified they are, the better results they yield.


BPM (business process management) systems are a class of software products that help to manage the business processes of an organization. Using BPM systems, it becomes possible to define processes in the company, develop their graphic schemes, manage, analyze and further improve these processes.

The main purpose of BPM systems is associated with the improvement of organization efficiency, reducing the cost of products and services offered, and enhancement of the management system. This class of software was created in such a way that it allows to quickly identify weaknesses in the processes and gaps in the workflow, which reduce the overall efficiency of the work.

BPA solutions concentrate on process design and the associated business model analysis, while BPM is a more complex technology. BPA doesn’t run processes itself so it requires the integration with business rules engines, execution models or pure BPM solutions.


While BPA stands for business process analysis and goes hand in hand with business process management, business analysis, or BA for short, refers to a broader concept.

Like BPA, it collects data to improve the decision-making process, but unlike business process analysis, BA covers a wide range of interorganizational problems and needs, among which cost-cutting, hiring practices, market research, and financial controls are in the lead.

What is business process analysis?

Business Process Analysis (BPA) is the systematic acquisition of data to identify, evaluate and present the process as the basis for its organization and improvement. If a company wants to stay competitive on the market, there is a need to thoroughly analyze each business process as it can help to enhance overall business performance.

What are the benefits of BPA?

BPA allows to do the following:

  • identify the processes to be optimized;
  • determine the effectiveness of the document workflow;
  • determine the degree of departments collaboration effectiveness;
  • determine the adequacy of the motivation system for the types of work performed (a properly constructed process may not be performed by staff due to outdated incentive mechanisms or lack of staff competence);
  • identify the staff approaches to working processes that require substantial revision;


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Analyze progress to meet and exceed sales quota

The overall success of sales-oriented businesses depends on their ability to set the most profitable quotas. In order to be met, these quotas need to be realistic in terms of a company’s current state. But, in order to be exceeded, they must be tracked, gauged, and increased over time.

Evaluate the probability of meeting sales quotas using the plan vs. actual analysis tools in bpm’online. When calculating results the system takes into account both the amount of closed deals and the amount of opportunities in the pipeline with their probabilities of closure. With the help of bpm’online sales, managers can easily analyze sales reps efficiency and make the process of reaching sales goals transparent and clear. Using sales analytics, you can analyze the efficiency of deals closure and identify drawbacks in sales strategy.

Visual process designer

Looking beyond the improved sales practices, a myriad of other business processes require a similar boost in automation and effectiveness. Whether it comes to marketing or customer service, the best BPM models are the ones that leverage the power of data analysis and visualisation.

Automate key business processes using a powerful yet simple to use visual process designer. Easily model processes in BPMN using preconfigured elements for creating activities (tasks, calls, and emails), processing data and invoking external services.

Customer database analytics

There’s hardly a business variable that’s as fickle and important as customers themselves, which is why aspiring companies need a reliable system for staying on top of their clients and their respective data histories. But, being in control of the entire customer pool is usually easier said than done.

Analyze the structure of your customer database adjusting and setting new different parameters while consistently tracking all new leads with the help of customizable dashboards. Using analytic tools, you can also evaluate the overall coverage of existing and potential customers within the database.

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When Should You Apply Business Process Analysis?

A BPA software makes a sound investment for every company that’s customer-oriented and process-driven. By making sure that every BPM practice is established and executed without any losses in time, money, or effort, this tool contributes to a company’s overall ability to predict, adapt, and prevail.

And, with today’s market being full of fluctuations and uncertainties, this ability can sure make or break your chances for staying relevant and competitive.

That said, there’s really no wrong time to implement a BPA solution. To companies with a steady growth rate, BPA delivers an extra boost. To those challenged by insurmountable obstacles on everyday basis, BPA provides actionable insight into what to do, where to go, and how to overcome.

In case you’re still unsure whether or not you need it, here’s a list of ifs to convince you.

  • If your progress is hampered by issues that you cannot seem to pinpoint, BPA will tell you exactly what you’re up against.
  • If you’re challenged by increased customer complaints or regular delays, BPA will teach you the best ways to tackle these potentially detrimental problems.
  • If your process stakeholders are unclear about how to carry out a process, BPA will reveal the best possible course.
  • If you’re planning to automate particular parts of your business that overlap with business process management, BPA will make sure that everything’s optimized and ready.
  • If your employees want to replace an outdated process with a new and more powerful version of the same, bpm’online BPA will help you equip your dream team for certain success.

The Inseparable Ways of BPM and BPA

Regardless of your company’s size or niche, the fact that you’ve turned your day-to-day operations into business processes is very good. As advertised, a sturdy BPM model should bring agility to your organization, productivity to your employees, plus efficiency and reduced risk to your stakeholders.

When compliance, transparency, employee satisfaction, customer focus, consistency, measurability, and sustainability are paramount, business process management is the most viable solution. Being a combination of practices and tools that drive value through a process-improvement culture, BPM should make structural changes in your organization, making it not only effective, but infallible too.

Still, that’s only how BPM works in theory.

No technique, strategy, or set of practices and tools could ever make your business error-free, but integrated BPM and BPA solutions can deliver the next best thing.

Though business process management can live up to your expectations with or without a business process analysis tool in place, it can hardly guarantee the same level of certainty. It’s BPA that gives BPM its power, using advanced analytics for boosting success rates of employees and processes alike.

Revealing Underlying Problems with bpm’online

Because the best BPM and BPA practices complement each other, bpm’online offers both of these tools to all businesses in need of a practical process-driven solution. While the first allows you to accelerate your business performance with a centralized and highly-intuitive business process management platform, the second makes sure that both operations and agility are in your full control.

Besides, all the processes in the world mean little to none if there is a problem that slows down their execution but cannot be identified. In marketing, sales, and customer service alike, these potential determinants can rob you of your BPM ROI, and cost your company plenty of time, money, and effort.

With a proper business process analysis system in place, such detriments will become a thing of the past. Bpm’online BPA will help you get into root problem of every delay, obstacle, and deadlock, revealing the best possible course of action for eliminating and preventing them at the same time.

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