Case Management Software

Case Management Software is a solution designed for businesses who need to improve their internal processes and customer service. With an inflow of challenging projects, it often happens that a team is unable to keep track of all the information.

One Platform for All Cases


With bpm’online case management software, you can centralize your data in the unified database. For your employees to be able to do their job without constant switching between different apps and tabs, you need to equip them with a unified database – which is what a CRM can provide.


For that reason, our team decided to develop a highly useful piece of software that will enable your business to centralize data. Using single database is an effective time saver, so this is a benefit your employees will feel right away.


Furthermore, your management team will get the perfect assistant for regulating workflow, and your employees in charge of actual tasks will appreciate the change.


Case management app is an instrument that will enable your team to manage their projects, develop detailed timelines, and delegate tasks. With proper case management tool, each member of your team will be able to work on the go and access your centralized database from any location.

Case management for project management

With bpm’online case management, your managers will be able to:

  • Create a complex timeline.
  • Efficiently create project milestones.
  • Break projects into small activities.
  • Notify stakeholders based on accurate internal data.

So not only will your managers be able to take proper care of projects, but your stakeholders will receive valuable information about the duration of their projects. This will contribute to your reputation as a business and make you more trustworthy to the audience.

Regulation of the Workflow

For you to be able to regulate your workflow, everything you input in your management system needs to be completely accurate.

Bpm’online case management platform provides simple tools that will enable your team to do exactly this. This leads to a better overview of your projects, plus it is easier to define timelines, and direct tasks the right way.

What will make your work process even easier is the fact that you’ll be able to solve cases pretty fast since you will have access to accurate date. All this leads to making a well-oiled machine in your office.