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Advantages of bpm'online Churn Prevention Software

Sales pipeline

Leverage the sales pipeline tool in the system to analyze the company’s performance at each opportunity stage, identify “bottlenecks” in the opportunity management process. Assess conversion between the stages, evaluate pipeline integrity, compare the pipelines by individual sales reps or departments. The system allows you to drill down into the particular opportunity stage and see the number of opportunities at this stage and the sales volume by sales reps.

Churn prevention software: Sales pipeline

Negotiations and sales tactics

In order to flexibly manage your sales tactics keep your records up to date when negotiating. Analyze competitors, their strengths and weaknesses, wins and losses to adjust the sales tactics and plan the next steps in the opportunity accordingly.

Churn prevention software: Negotiations and sales tactics

Lead qualification

Thoroughly qualify each lead to save time by working only with sales-ready leads. Use bpm’online sales for merging lead duplicates, link a lead to the relevant account, enrich lead data with insightful intelligence to get it fully prepared for a sales follow up.

Churn prevention software: Lead qualification
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