Client relationship management

Client relationship management is a combination of business strategies and processes that help to build long-lasting relationships between companies and their customers with help of CRM tool implementation.

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What does client relationship management mean?

CRM software stands for ‘customer relationship management’ tool, a term that refers to a combination of business strategies, technology and processes that a company implements to acquire and retain customers, and efficiently manage every step of customer interactions and increase profitability of the next sale.

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Lead qualification with the help of customer relationship management app

  • Leverage bpm’online marketing to better qualify leads.
  • Check lead profile accuracy and search for duplicate leads.
  • Connect leads to relevant accounts and enrich lead data with insightful intelligence that can be leveraged during sales follow up.
  • Search for similar leads in the system to identify a prospect’s needs and make decisions when qualifying a lead.

Process designer

  • Automate your structured processes with BPM (Business Process Management) technology.
  • Model the process flows using reconfigured elements for creating activities (tasks, calls, and emails), working with pages, processing data, and invoking external services.
  • A simple interface along with built-in tools for elements search and validation will help to quickly build a process model in BPMN as well as fine-tune it based on process execution analytics.

Knowledge base of a client relationship management system

  • Accumulate the knowledge of your company in a unified knowledge base to do effectively client relationship management.
  • By using knowledge base articles you will be able to resolve cases in a more timely manner, ensuring high quality of service for your clients and partners and thus creating a long-term relationships.

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