Cloud marketing software: who needs it?

Any business, regardless of size or industry, needs to connect with customers online or simply build a solid online presence.


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Demand increase for the marketing cloud software

There has been witnessed a robust growth in the marketing technology sector over the last few years, which prompted leading analysts to predict that chief marketing officers would outspend chief information officers on IT sooner than later. The consumer today is more connected than ever before, meaning that his decision making regarding purchasing is influenced by many factors, such as social media and search. It has become more challenging to engage prospects in their journey from “see product” to “buy product” simply because they access the products and services on different channels, including blogs, search engines, web pages, social media, email, and digital ads.

bpm'online cloud marketing software

Today, brands need to consider investing in technology to automate their marketing across different channels by engaging customers on social media and by using analytics to efficiently target their ideal clients. One has an option of buying a platform that does each of the functions or could get a single vendor to provide them with functionality needed for his online marketing strategy.

Cloud marketing should go beyond the development of mere websites to include highly progressive software systems that will sharpen the online presence of brands that consider remaining relevant to their customers and prospects. Find it in the bpm'online!

Components offered by digital marketing cloud

We understand that the first question that comes to mind of entrepreneurs is what makes a digital cloud to be essential in boosting business. Below are some of the most popular components that a digital marketing cloud should offer:


Multichannel marketing automation

This component is vital in helping to publish and promote content that marketers will use to engage with customers across different channels, including social media and mobile. The intelligent algorithms sequencing how the engagements happen also need automation.


Social media tools

Social media has gradually grown to be the most crucial channel for lead generation as well as customer engagement by different brands in different industries. The social media tools are vital for listening and engaging with social media networks to tap into consumer conversations, respond with custom content, and in the case of social media advertising.


Content management tools

Content remains most vital when it comes to digital marketing. Customers are more likely to engage with a brand that provides high quality and engaging content at all times. To create and manage the content to be added on different channels, the best cloud marketing software should come with these tools.


Analytics platform

This is the component that ensures all customer profiles are created based on their online behavior and evaluating what is working and what is not when it comes to online marketing campaigns.

The majority of popular CRMs offer these components to varying degrees, which is why you may find it difficult to compare their individual applications to each other. However, you can be sure at least one of them will come in handy to boost your business the best way you want.

Benefits of cloud marketing

Reduced costs of distributing marketing material: remember the hassle and expenses incurred by companies and businesses trying to send newsletters and other marketing material through the mail. This is no longer the case as digital formats are faster and cheaper to communicate with prospective customers.

  1. Reduced cost of marketing material: cloud marketing is here for you to replace printing costs and expensive advertising time when using old strategies.
  2. Less wastage of marketing material: when employing cloud marketing software, advertising is only produced when it is needed. It allows you to get rid of mailers and signs that usually sit around collecting dust when they are not in use. With cloud marketing, once a particular marketing campaign is over, it only takes deleting it from the net, and that is all.
  3. Increased efficiency: cloud computing software has helped with reducing the time taken between planning and implementation of ad campaigns.
  4. Increased customization: the internet offers brands with various interactive mediums to place their marketing in. Due to this flexibility, brands can deliver more focused, relevant, and more effective advertising based on targeted customer needs.

Any business can employ cloud marketing to their advantage.

Bpm’online CRM

Bpm’online is a cloud-based customer relationship management software powered by out-of-the-box best practice processes to deliver demand generation excellence. CRM products bpm’online delivers include bpm’online sales, bpm’online marketing, and bpm’online service. The solutions are tailored towards enhancing the general wellbeing of a business in terms of marketing following the complete customer journal, looking into the sales funnel, and delivering the best quality customer service to ensure customers are satisfied and happy.

Bpm’online comes with several features to ensure that three aspects of a successful business: sales, marketing, and service are delivered in the best way possible. Some of those features are listed below:

Web presence is one of the most vital attributes of cloud marketers. Running a business blog, ensuring social media presence, creating quality content, and possibly having a business website are significant steps towards connecting with people online. However, engaging with the right cloud marketing software makes you a better online marketer prepared to deliver the best customer satisfaction at the same time gaining more customers who contribute to the rapid growth of your business. You need a system that focuses on customer relationship, and that will enable you to make your customers feel like team members in your brand. In this case, bpm’online is the software product you will need.