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Advantages of CRM for contact management in the cloud

Customer segmentation

Segment customers by multiple parameters to improve communication and build stronger relationships. Bpm’online sales allows building custom segments by industry, revenue, priority or any parameter you choose. Using dynamic segments, which are filled automatically based on the set parameters, you can, for example, filter all the accounts which you have not contacted for one month.

Contact Management Cloud: Customer segmentation

Search and merge duplicates

Identify and eliminate duplicate records in bpm’online sales in order to manage your customer database more efficiently. When creating new records the system automatically checks for duplicates, or you can perform a manual check or schedule a recurrent search for duplicate accounts and contacts. Be sure you make the most of every interaction with customer.

Contact Management Cloud: Search and merge duplicates

Lead qualification

Thoroughly qualify each lead to save time by working only with sales-ready leads. Use bpm’online sales for merging lead duplicates, link a lead to the relevant account, enrich lead data with insightful intelligence to get it fully prepared for a sales follow up.

Contact Management Cloud: Lead qualification
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