Contact Management System

Contact management software is a program, which enables to keep detailed customer contact, information: names, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, physical addresses, profile media info, and many other details.

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What is the difference between CRM and contact management app?

The main difference of CRM platform from basic contact management solutions lies in a great variety of features and possibilities that the first provides. CRM app keeps detailed records of clients’ information similar to customer contact management software and moreover it provides data on client’s interactions and activities (buying information, documents, product inventory, some surveys, etc) with the company

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Account and contact management

  • Keep all customer data in one place.
  • Access a complete customer profile in the bpm’online service enterprise, including contact data, social profiles, history of interactions, cases submitted.
  • Having a 360-degree customer view will help you build service strategy and improve your service delivery.

Customer database analytics

  • Analyze your customer database to make data-driven decision in the continual service improvement process.
  • Analyze customer base from different angles to quickly respond to changing customer needs.
  • For example, identify services used by the greatest number of customers or customers who submit the greatest number of cases.
  • Customize dashboards in the bpm’online service enterprise to always keep an eye on the key performance indicators.

Customer Segmentation

  • Segment customers by multiple parameters to improve communication and build stronger relationships.
  • Bpm’online service allows building custom segments by industry, services and frequency of requests, priority or any parameter you choose.
  • Using dynamic segments, which are filled automatically based on the set parameters, you can, for example, filter all the accounts that send their request more often.

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