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Contact management in CRM: tailored to improve your customer relationship management

At the present market we have many tools to deal with sales and customers but only some of CRM systems can create personal approach and increase the number of customers. Actually, it is not that hard – all you need is the system that can keep the history of all the interactions with a prospect with the ability to keep representatives’ personal notes. Most business owners look for a smart analytical tool to provide them with the analyses of the given information to devise the correct approach for every group of prospects they have. And the final thing is the correct representative to handle the lead. That is why, your CRM system needs to be flexible and customizable so that you could transfer the lead from representative to representative according to their stage, interest or any other point you consider relevant. The only issue is that such extensive database might take a lot of space. Here, cloud-based contact management system comes into play.

According to statistics, about 95% of the businesses choose cloud solution instead of the one-premise software. So, why not try it out?

Bpm’online sales: provides all the necessary tools to help you increase your sales performance

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contact management features that are available in bpm’online CRM

360° customer view

Use the convenient package to concentrate the main information on your prospects. Let the system complete the profile if any information is missing. Segment the prospects to process them in an appropriate way, creating the personal touch in the process. Store the history of information for further reference.

Collaboration tools

Always be on top of things with tools that can help you to be in touch with colleagues and on time with clients. Monitor your communication with both from the system.

Business Process Management

Automate most processes to give your employees more time for creativity and personal communication with both: prospects and customers. Control the unruly processes with the case management solutions. Keep your customer relationship management at the top of the quality line.

Lead Management

Keep close attention to every lead from the very beginning. Let the system verify the data and analyze the sources of the incoming leads to improve their quality and quantity. Qualify leads to pass them to the correct representatives or return them to nurturing. Handoff to sales only those leads that are ready to buy.

Opportunity management

Devise truly personal approach to your opportunities. Analyze the history and details of interactions and assign opportunity to the appropriate representative. Sales pipeline tracking allows users to find weak spots and provide recommendations on how to improve them to increase your conversion. Close the deal keeping a close eye on the contracting stage of the process to make sure you do not lose any prospects because of the delay with the documents. Use the CRM system to help your sales process.

Increase your business performance and make more sales with bpm’online CRM

Bpm’online sales: get to know even more high-end features to manage you leads