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Advantages of CRM for online business

Orders list

Easily manage orders, using bpm’online sales. You can classify orders by account type (individuals or legal entities), group orders by stages, budgets, products or services, owners, etc. Monitor the current status of key orders within your company, and analyze the effectiveness of the order processing.

CRM for Online Business: Orders list

Unified product catalogue

Regardless of the complexity and size of your product and service portfolio, be certain you can store them all in bpm’online sales. Integrate the catalogue with your ERP system to keep the data up to date and relevant.

CRM for Online Business: Unified product catalogue

Lead generation

Bpm’online sales has all the right tools for capturing and tracking leads through a broad range of sources. Add leads from different sources into the single database in just a few clicks. Let bpm’online sales automatically verify the data, create a new contact and guide you through the process of lead management.

CRM for Online Business: Lead generation
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