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Advantages of CRM sales software

Customer segmentation

Segment customers by multiple parameters to improve communication and build stronger relationships. Bpm’online sales allows building custom segments by industry, revenue, priority or any parameter you choose. Using dynamic segments, which are filled automatically based on the set parameters, you can, for example, filter all the accounts which you have not contacted for one month.

CRM Sales Software: Customer segmentation

Data enrichment through social media

Find customers on Facebook or Twitter and enrich their profiles using the pre-built social media integration features. Get various information on contacts and companies from social networks with the click of a mouse.

CRM Sales Software: Data enrichment through social media

Customer database analytics

Analyze your customer database and convert the data into actionable insight that will help to identify new opportunities. A thorough analysis enables you to see your customer base under a different lens and identify the top customers that could fuel your company’s growth. Customize dashboards in bpm’online sales to keep an eye on the key performance indicators.

CRM Sales Software: Customer database analytics
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