Effective customer management strategy: aimed at improving your customer relationships

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Bpm’online service: tailored to improve your customer management strategy

If you are a seller or a buyer, you like to feel special and in any case, you have your particular and unique approach to both selling and buying processes. The same thing applies to the customer retention. The main question is how to establish personal approach, maintaining the full cycle of interaction within the CRM system.

Time, people, resource and one system to handle all the processes.

The bpm’online service tool offers you the opportunity to keep track of all the processes within a single system, taking the hardest part of the workload and automating the most processes with minimal time allocated to it.

Customer Success Management nicely planned strategy of the customer reference program can not only increase customer retention rate but also bring in more loyal clients. And if you think that devising successful customer management strategy is difficult, I need to let you know that most successful companies dedicate more and more time and resources specifically to that. The correct CRM system will be able to provide you with the good suggestion from the world’s best practices and take care of the most part of the processes by automating them.

Fine-tune your customer management processes with bpm’online software!

Delving deeper into bpm’online service functionality

Bpm’online service provides the variety of functions, making sure your company focuses on the clients’ needs and interests, giving you the possibility to make very accurate forecast of the future purchases. Let us regard possibilities of customer management strategy that could be implemented with the bpm’online service:

Unified customer database

Create unified database for your clients so that you have easy access to any information needed. Use the data enrichment tool to update the information for you to always have up-to-date and complete information. Divide and conquer, with the appropriate subdivision of customers, issues and responsible representatives. Keep the complete history for further references.

Omnichannel communications

Use the convenient way of the communication for the client. Text, email or call customers from the system – use the communication panel to keep it handy. Keep in touch with the colleagues, using the Enterprise Social Network just a click away from you.

Contact center

Arrange the work of your employees, displaying their tasks and KPI statistics on the same desktop. Make sure that the supervisor has clear visibility of all the teams’ workload to distribute the responsibilities and tasks correctly.

Business process management

Take advantage of the world’s best practices available for you in the system and add something particular specifically to you by designing the unique workflow. Bring order to the unruly processes internal or external, use dynamic case management tool for the most chaotic ones. Make the system work for you.

Request management

Manage you incidents from the single database to keep better track of them and use the history for finding the solution within seconds. Register and classify the incoming requests automatically to save your team from the “junk” requests. Find out clients feedback to show them that you appreciate their opinion.

Problem management

Store all the identified problems so that the system could prevent any similar cases and inform the client in case of any errors. Run the diagnostics to find out the root of the problem assign appropriate representative to deal with the issue and document the resolution. Initiate the needed changes to avoid the future troubles of the similar nature.

Maintain first-class communications with your customers by implementing bpm’online CRM

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