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Bpm’online CRM is an online customer management system crafted for managing sales, marketing and service processes, build up customer loyalty and uplift sales.

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What is customer management software?

Customer management system designed to help businesses successfully manage customer interactions across multiple communication channels to build loyalty, improve profitability and enhance customer engagement. Customer Engagement is a positive and useful relationship that results from active collaboration, intensive teamwork and the exchange of high-quality services between the customer and your organization. Customer Engagement includes everything that relates to the relationships that you build with your customers. It helps to increase your revenue and the total profit that you receive from the customer throughout the life cycle.

The so-called engaged customers maintain a two-way relationship with your company, often turn to your products and services and give you the feedback that allows to more accurately satisfy all customer needs. The positive experience of a client is of critical importance for strengthening your relationship in every case of interaction with your company.

The concept of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) means that the separate business management tools are combined into a well-functioning system. Instead of Excel spreadsheets, messengers, lots of documents and running around the cabinets, there is only one system that copes with all necessary tasks. It includes programs for collecting customer data, managing transactions, controlling managers, analytics and forecasting. It simplifies routine, accelerates the adoption of correct decisions, eliminates errors, and what is the most important point – helps to provide the best customer experience.

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Powerful customer management system – bpm’online

Bpm’online CRM is online customer management application that enables personalized approach to customer communications, helps better understand prospective customers, makes sales process more predictable and accurate. Bpm’online offers three products on a single CRM platform. Depending on the needs and requirements of businesses, any product can be used separately or you may use several products at once as a CRM bundle as all the products are available from the single interface. Benefit from bpm’online customer relations management software that can help you manage information about customers, their needs, interaction history, using all the necessary capabilities of the system to build more loyal and profitable relationships.

Advantages of process-driven CRM

Bpm’online customer management software is built on a single BPM (business process management) platform, which allows to automate key operations across all customer-facing departments. Advanced capabilities of the intelligent business process management technology allow to build and change various processes regardless of their type and complexity in bpm’online. Customer management systems that deliver process automation features enable businesses to remain competitive, flexible and being able to adapt fast.

CRM advantages in Customer Management Software

Advantages of sales, marketing and service alignment

By merging marketing, sales and service on one single customer management platform, businesses can benefit from obtaining a set of sophisticated tools to manage a complete view of the customer journey – from demand generation to repeat sales and to ongoing successful account maintenance.

Advantages of Customer Management Software

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