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Email marketing tool is a special system which is used to send commercial messages to selected group of individuals, using emails.

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What does email marketing software mean?

Email marketing software is a special tool for the marketers, which is used for email marketing. Such system is used for different purposes like gathering of email subscribers or creating an email template, segmenting the audience before sending emails. With a great number of functions such platform allows marketers to run effective and successful marketing campaigns, while doing their analysis and seeing the statistics.

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Intuitive campaign designer

  • Create efficient multichannel campaigns with bpm’online marketing.
  • Plan campaigns using the simple visual campaign designer and define conditions for transitioning between campaign stages.
  • The system allows for the setting up of criteria for target conversion rates and campaign completion.
  • It also offers tools to monitor campaign progress in real-time.

Trigger emails

  • Maintain a constant dialogue with your prospects and gradually nurture them.
  • Set up trigger emails based on lead behavior on a website or other events, for example, a birthday, registration on a website, product comparison, abandoned shopping carts.
  • Segment audiences by various criteria using smart filtering capabilities in bpm’online marketing and build up your communications with prospects that haven’t made any purchases for a while.

Email split testing

  • Get the maximum response from your mass mail campaigns.
  • Test several versions of emails with your target audience to determine which of them brings you more conversions.
  • Bpm’online marketing provides all the required stats to compare the results of the test so you can easily decide which template is more efficient.

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