CRM email marketing: get to know how bpm’online platform can solve all your marketing concerns

The department of marketing is the place where everything starts. Without it, the sales process cannot be integrated into the CRM application. Therefore, it will be fair to say that successful sale begins with the correct marketing campaign or with the gradual and effective lead nurturing. Nowadays, marketing departments are catching an opportunity to delegate their mundane and routine duties to the automation tools such as CRM, wrapping their heads around the creative tasks.


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Abundance of the software on the market makes one ask what is the best way to digitize marketing and what advantages does CRM with email marketing has over others. Well, the answer requires a complex approach. CRM with email marketing functionality has an unbeatable advantage of clear visibility of all the steps, ways and tricks needed to supervise, adjust and monitor all the activities and consequently reach your target. Unlike precise and specific emailing tools that can make the bulk emailing easy, they will not be able to provide you with analytical information or even simple history of emailing the contact.

Magnificent performance of the bpm’online CRM with email marketing functionality

We regarded the short cycle of the marketing circle but what if we need some nurturing as we usually do? Check out the extended functionality of the bpm’online:

Intuitive campaign designer

Create multi-channel campaigns with the intuitive campaign designer that allow users to define and control every transition point of the campaign, not to mention it gives users clear visibility of the whole plan so that they can identify any possible issue to prevent them. It goes for your nurturing campaigns that gives you a capability to intelligently nurture your leads into opportunity, growing client’s interest with considerate and relevant targeting emailing. As well as trigger emails that will allow you to build more personalized communication with your prospect.


And talking about personalization, the system gives you an opportunity to design and test your content before bulk emailing. Personalize every email you are sending – the system provides almost limitless opportunities for multichannel communication. That also includes analytical stats and data that will be available for you to make sure your campaigns run effectively and will reach the desired target.

Now to the additional capabilities that will perk your interest and satisfy your most demanding requests for the CRM with email marketing functionality.


Event management tool

How about the event management tool that will give you the capability to easily arrange and manage the most complex and numerous events? Bpm’online provides you with the analytical data on the event as soon as it is over and turns prospects into leads right after the data is put in the system.


Business process manager

Bpm’online business process manager provides you with the possibility to create business processes of any complexity and run them through the system, determining the weak spots before the implementation.


Enterprise social network

Along with your calendar, emails and calls always available to you within the system, enterprise social network will keep you in touch with your colleagues and so no news will be a surprise.


Several languages in the same interface

And the cherry on top of the bpm’online CRM is that you can always customize the system for you and your customers. Multiple languages are not a problem anymore – the system can support several languages in the same interface.

Hope you are ready to start a new marketing journey. Your prospects are waiting for you, let us help with the automation and give your marketers the time to run their creativity wild.