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Help desk software has the role of a support center, with an emphasis on streamlining inquiry management and any other support-related processes. This software enables your support team to solve any issues much faster and thus contributes to staff productivity which will now be able to assist a larger number of customers than before.

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Help desk software from bpm’online

In today’s fast-moving business environment, keeping up with customer relations has become even more demanding than it used to be. In some companies, support centers sometimes simply fail to meet every customer need, leaving them dissatisfied and frustrated.

Luckily, you can prevent this from happening thanks to help desk software, which offers your business an efficient and automated way to streamline workflow, organize information and reduce any manual processes.

Bpm’online Agent Desktop is a feature of bpm’online CRM which improves the efficiency of help support agents, facilitates inbound case management and campaign management, and reduces overall administration-related work with the goal to decrease the costs of operations.

Bpm’online has released a new version of its CRM software, the bpm`online 7.11, which integrates with all of the major telephony solutions such as Asterisk, Cisco and Avaya, including any others which support the TAPI-driver. Agent Desktop is an outstanding solution for any business as it possesses an engaging UI, it offers omnichannel communication, a comprehensive knowledge base, and sophisticated reporting and analytics tools.

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Features – Which functions does it cover?

Help desk possesses a number of features to make things easier for you and your employees. Let us go through some of them to help you realize why your business requires such software in order to take your workflow to a whole new level.


Benefits – Why your business needs help desk

Whether you have a small startup company or a large enterprise, the success of your business relies heavily on your contact with your customers. Nothing can close good business opportunities like dissatisfied customers, and if you want to keep your clients happy and satisfied, you must make sure to reply to their messages and address their concerns in a timely and efficient manner. Having said all of this, replying to emails might be easier said than done, especially when you find yourself drowning in tons of unorganized emails. But don’t lose hope, as many recent developments in software technology brought with them some mighty fine applications to assist you in this task and the amazing helpdesk is one of them, so let us reflect on different ways it can help you to:

Reduce the time-consuming tracking processes.

Relying on spreadsheets in order to track case resolutions and issues have become an outdated, tedious and repetitive technique. If it takes you ages to come up with a report on the most common customers’ issues, you are not doing it right. Why waste your valuable time when help desk software can take care of all of this for you? This software can help your support agents serve customers in a better way while providing sales and marketing data and enabling your management department to make proactive decisions.

Put the phones aside

Allowing your customers to contact you only by phone and email doesn’t go along with everybody’s needs. Nowadays, people feel that it is much more practical when you are able to instantly get a reply by chatting and texting, rather than wasting their time while waiting for someone’s feedback. Help desk software helps support teams as well as other company departments to streamline communications have more effective internal communication and address their customers’ concerns more promptly.

Get rid of the overcrowded inbox

Although email has introduced a whole new world of real-time and easy communication in the business environment, having your inbox jam-packed with infinite emails may easily lead to numerous disasters. For example, a customer’s email can get lost in the vastness of other cluttered emails. To prevent this from happening, your business will need a help desk solution, which will help you integrate email into the ticketing system. The result will be instantly visible and you will have a great streamlined communication system that will neither fail your team nor your customers.

Put an end to internal departments` segregation

In some cases, miscommunication does not occur between customer support and customers, but rather between customer support and other company departments, for example, engineering or sales. And if internal departments fail to collaborate and communicate seamlessly, it will inevitably affect the customer’s satisfaction as well. However, if you get a software solution, which will provide you with a cooperative view of all customer issues, all departments will be working smoothly as a team, resulting in a higher level of productivity.

In conclusion, help desk software has become one of the most utilized and most practical systems in all businesses. If you take all of its benefits into consideration, you will quickly realize that it is a must for your company as well. If keeping your customers satisfied is your primary concern, look no further, and ensure the complete satisfaction of both your customers and support team agents.

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