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Bpm'online agent desktop puts all the necessary tools and functions right at the fingertips of the contact center staff. Working in special all-in-one interface agents get a consolidated view of all the information they need

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What are the benefits of CRM Helpdesk?

Clean and intuitive the interface allows to simplify and streamline operations due to decreased number of unnecessary screens, and reduced complexity of fields and buttons. Bpm'online’s smart contextual interface displays only relevant functions and information which enhances the quality of agent’s interaction with the client and improves customer experience.

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Unified service catalogue

Create a unified database of services to facilitate the work of your service agents. An up-to-date and complete service catalog will help you regulate service processes and offer clients services relevant to them.

Account and contact management

Create a single database of all accounts and contacts you work with. Use bpm’online customer service to keep a record of contact data, addresses with map view capability, service history, social media profiles, corporate relationship structures and the entire history of interactions. Build a 360-degree view of your customers to provide them better service.

Queue management

Use queue management capabilities of bpm’online contact center to organize case processing, taking into account priorities and other parameters. Create different types of queues: dynamic, which are based on filters or static, which highlight certain contacts requiring attention; open queues, in which agent can see the entire list or blind queues, in which an operator can see the next contact, only when he picks the contact up from the queue. You can also remove cases from the queue if they no longer need resolution, as well as assign agents to process specific elements of the queue.

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